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The “McGangbang” is a food product made out of two McDonald’s sandwiches off of the dollar menu that causes much controversy amongst people who like to cause controversy over stupid things. People will argue with you about many different things, including where it originates, what goes in it, and what the name of it is. This has made me come up with the subgroup of the sandwich called the “Virginia McGangbang.”
I feel like it’s important to point out that I do not condone the name of the sandwich, but this brings me to my first point. The sandwich is actually recognized by the name “McGangbang” in many McDonald’s (especially in my area), so much so that you can actually order it by name. People can literally walk up to the counter and say “I’ll have a McGangbang,” and the person will make it for you, without the extra bread. Thus, the name sticks.
Most people agree that the sandwich originates from Daytona Beach, Florida, where you take a Spicy McChicken sandwich, and put it between the patties of a McDouble. The main problem with this, is that not all McDonald’s carry Spicy McChickens. Thus, the variations come in to spice up the sandwich. The most important concept, is the fundamental blueprint of using sandwiches off of the dollar menu, and combining them.
The way I was taught to make it the first time, is the way I stick to making it. I actually thoroughly enjoy this artery clogging sensation enough to make it from time to time. I was told to buy a McDouble, and add the Big Mac sauce (Mac Sauce for short). You also buy a McChicken and add cheese, because heck, who doesn’t want more cheese? You then split the patties down the middle and insert your McChicken sandwich into the middle, and mash it together. The result is a beefy, chicken-y goodness that can only come from the mind of a broke college student who was tired of eating the same things every day. Another development is that the McGangbang has led to the creation of a more expensive and larger sandwich entitled the “Man Sandwich” that you can also order by name at many McDonalds. The concept of ordering off of the dollar menu is neglected, but the same principle of splitting patties and adding chicken sandwiches is there. The Man Sandwich is consisted of a Double Quarter-Pounder with Cheese; add Mac Sauce, and a Country Style Chicken Sandwich; add cheese.
When I read the requirements for the assignment Cooking Show, I felt almost entitled to share this delectable treat with the DS106 world. My friend Victor and I set off to the nearest McDonald’s, and acted out the making of this food of Gods. I asked my friend to use a recording technique where he comes up from behind me, and then sits down at the table, as almost personable, yet had an almost Nightly News feel to it. I asked him to shoot the scene lower than usual to emphasize the sandwich, and then raise up and emphasize me at the conclusion. Before he began recording, I thought it would be funny to use the receipt as a scene card. I feel like the effects worked well to give me the look I was looking for. One more point, I can’t stop laughing in these videos. Enjoy!

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