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Source for my paper

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Above is a link to an article on China Daily. The article has very little to report, but what it says is huge for what I intend my research project to show. One thing I like in particular about this article, and part of why I chose to talk about it for class, is that it is the opposite side of the rumors reported about the fraud committed by Chinese athletes during the Olympics, but still helps back my argument for my paper. Most people when they think of Chinese athletes forging birth certificates to compete in the Olympics would recall the gymnasts from the Chinese Women’s Gymnastics team, which it was speculated that many of the girls were too young according to Olympic rules. In this case, a woman that boxed for the Chinese team admitted that she lied about her age, and was in fact too old according to Olympic rules to compete.

My argument for my paper deals with the fact that I believe there is merit to the rumors that Chinese athletes commit fraud during Olympic competitions, and it is partly due to the huge amount of pressure put on them by their society. As we have discussed for several weeks in class, the government tries to censor a lot of bad publicity that makes China look bad, which is why what this article has to say holds so much weight in so little characters. In the article, she claims that she originally used a fabricated birth date to compete when she was younger, and that her decision to fabricate her birth date was hard to discuss which hints that she was under much pressure to commit the forgery of her birth date. there are other articles that provide evidence into the world of fraud by Chinese athletes that echo the same message, but this article was particularly interesting, because it shows the wide spectrum of fraud that occurs.

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