1. LyndseyLu Smith

    ATTENTION! Future DS106 students Report!


    DS106 is a learning class…

    You learn to become dependent on your knowledge and twitter…

    I am not kidding… twitter is the BEST SOURCE OF KNOWLEDGE!

    Do NOT wait til the last day to start your weekly summary….

    You’ll regret it COMPLETELY!!

    This course can be fun… if you go …

  2. LyndseyLu Smith

    Shadow Your Friends.


    This is my Visual Assignment creation:

    I decided I wanted to make a visual assignment that you could do with friends.

    This is the description: Take a group of friends of all different heights. Make the photo as creative as possible. Use different locations depending on the meaning you want …

  3. LyndseyLu Smith

    Why don’t cha REMIX THIS


    I was tasked with reviewing at least two of the references on the concepts and analyzing at least 3 examples. The following is my understanding of a remix.

    Remix References

    First I watched Everything is a Remix (Part 1). WOW!! I really loved this video… I’ll admit to watching it …

  4. LyndseyLu Smith

    High Ten! Week 10 Summaryy


    Time to knock your socks off.. with my WEEK10 Summaryy.

    First off, You can find my readying my tools prep post about my video editing tools HERE.

    For your enjoyment, You can find my Reading into Movies Blog post  HERE.

    Also, my post (pre-production for weeks to come) describing two …

  5. LyndseyLu Smith

    Pre-Production Coming at Ya!


    PREP WORK for the Video Assignments next week.

    I want to attempt: 30 Second Documentary, A Day in Your Life: Make it Constanza Decent, a word… a picture… a story, and a Song Visualization

    For Song Visualization, I have already done a similar concept during highschool that I want to …

  6. LyndseyLu Smith

    Reading into Movies O.o


    I really enjoyed reading, Roger Ebert’s “How to Read a Movie” it gave me great insight and motivation for this week. I found the bit about a two-shot most interesting: “the person on the right will “seem” dominant over the person on the left.

    I watched the following …

  7. LyndseyLu Smith

    Wait What?! Week 9 Re-Cap Already?!?!!


    This week was a long one. I’ve been battling sickness since last Thursday (Oct. 18th). I’ve had an on and off fever, a sore throat and to top it all off: a cold. So overall, I have been feeling not so great. However, I have enjoyed this week of DS106 …

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