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FINAL Summary Post

I am going to start my final blog post off with, My Week 3 blog post about Digital Storytelling Upon finishing this class I have found more and more that storytelling through the web can be so successful and fun! I have found that I am able to express more to my thoughts through digital storytelling. I knew that storytelling could be fun before I started this class…. and NOW I KNOW IT! :D It has been an absolute learning experience(:

You can find a complete blog post [within my creations category] of the assignments and tutorials I have created this semester here.

You can find my best work category I have created this semester here. The assignments I chose to put in this category are ones that I am very proud of. Most are accomplishments to me. Most importantly the GIF I created because it was such a difficult task for me and now I feel as though that is the best thing I learned in the class and look forward to making them in the future.

My final project on Bing Crosby was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed that experience. (: I hope people my age come to appreciate this fabulous man. A man of many talents and a voice of an angel. (: I wanted to show his accomplishments more because he means a lot to my family around Christmas time.

My Advice to Future Students.. Don’t worry I put in a good word about the class :P

Man oh man this fall 2012 semester flew by. I really enjoyed being part of DS106 this year. The course has given me so much insight as to what I can accomplish on the CPU.

I am a proud #ds106er

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