1. matthewpoole

    Jersey Shore

    RESTORE THE SHORE  (HIt Pause—the video for some reason loops) I felt like opening up my final project with a video about what this whole projects about, Hurricane Sandy and its effect on the Jersey Shore. I decided to do … Continue reading
  2. bparsons

    Final Summarization

    My Final Project really brought my whole semester of ds106 together. I felt it really completed my whole blog/meaning of the semester. I frequently worked with my favorite movie, Finding Nemo. I would use pieces of the movie in random assignments. In my final project I tell the whole complete story and add a bit […]
  3. bparsons


    For future students one of the main things is to do your work! Since my favorite party of the class was visual/design I choose to do this. I chose a fortune cookie because they are supposed to give advice and promising things. Basically just follow the weekly assignments perfectly. Make sure you correctly follow how […]
  4. aetherbunny

    Imaginary assignments

    For my ds106 assignments, I created a video assignment called Narrative Ambiance, the goal of which is to shoot some original video, then set it to sound and speech to evoke a particular mood or feeling. You can check out my blog post describing the assignment, and the final video below.   My second assignment ...
  5. asterne1

    Assignment/Tutorial 1 Created

    Assignment Name: Meme Yourself Directions: Take a picture of you or someone else and put a famous meme on it. Post the original picture and the picture with the meme so we can see how they incorporate into each other. Mine: Original- Altered- The tutorial for this assignment is an easy one. You need to download GIMP which is compatible with Mac and PC. Once it’s downloaded, open it up. It should look something like this on a Mac-   After you’ve opened GIMP, you need to open whatever picture you’re going to be putting the meme on the person’s face. We’re going to call this the BASE photo. Open your … Continue reading
  6. bparsons

    The Big Finale

    The end is near for this class. For my final project I chose to continue with the Finding Nemo theme I had been using on other projects throughout the class. My ideas came together perfectly and I even added a few extras in. When Marlin saw Nemo being taken, he panicked. He chased after the […]
  7. cogdog

    Thank the Unicorns that Keep ds106 Humming

    Last night we had an unfortunate outage at umwdomains, the hosting for ds106 students at the University of Mary Washington. With this being finals week, students working feverishly to finish projects and reflections, twitter was never so lit up with activity. Let’s give some appreciation to people like Tim Owens who was working on this late at night or Zach Davis and Cast Iron Coding who keep the ds106 server from falling over. Like Jim Groom has done before in Behind Every EDUPUNK is a Miserable Sysadmin, it’s time to stop what you are doing, and give these folks some rainbow love. Thus a new ds106 design assignment Rainbows And Unicorns In The Server Room: Give some love and recognition for the folks behind the scenes that keep the web servers and internet tubes running- often the only time we contact our server admins is when something is wrong. Twitter ...
  8. cogdog

    Mini MOOCs

    Found among the coffee additives at HB’s, a restaurant in Pine, AZ, this little product that was created for the ds106 Re-brand ‘em Assignment: The logo is an important part of a company. For this assignment, you are to choose a company and re-brand them. Take their logo and remix it, or start from scratch and make it your own piece of art. Need inspiration? Here’s a cool site (http://www.underconsideration.com/brandnew/) that blogs about recent changes in company logos, and posts both the new and old versions. It can really highlight what subtle changes can do to a logo. Once MOOCs get tired of being so massive and unweildy, they will implode and emerge as “mini-moocs” This is the most important dairy product in 200 years. I suggest grabbing a handful of them.
  9. mwatanab

    Sub-Mission: Daily Create

    As part of this class I am to submit assignment suggestions to the Daily Create website.  The first I submitted was featured on Sunday, October 7, 2012 where you take a photo that encompasses nothing, a void, absence. The second suggestion is to Make a recording of you sharing with us your exercise of the day. I’m ...
  10. mwatanab

    What’s In A Name – A How-To

    A Two-Star Assignment in which you Write a blog in which you tell us something, anything, about either your given names or your blog name(s). Although it’s pretty self-explanatory in the assignment, I don’t want it to be a simple, “Hi, my name is Melinda and my name means this, and only this.  The end.”  Here are ...
  11. sgtsocks

    Movie Sequel

    Are you waiting for a sequel? Is Hollywood not going to give you that satisfaction, or is your patience with them just wearing thin? Well then do I have the assignment for you! This assignment asks to “Create a movie poster for a movie sequel that you wished they would have made. You can create a poster for a movie that will never be made or one that those people in Hollywood are taking too long to produce! As an alternative, if there already is a sequel and you think you could’ve made a better movie poster, show us!” I had this idea from a project I created in Photoshop … Continue reading
  12. sgtsocks

    911, What’s Your Emergency?

    Psh, I work for Emergency Services, who didn’t see this one coming? This assignment is a giant two-fer if you ask me! I get to complete an Assignment Proposal as well as work on my final project. If you read my post about The Final Countdown you could guess that my Final Project relates to emergencies and the like. However, what you can’t see, is that @cogdog opened my eyes to a real story to tell when he said ” Or what if you are something like the EMS that responds to emergencies of cartoon characters? ” with a comment on Canvas. This TOTALLY made me rethink my final project, … Continue reading
  13. Paul Waltsak III

    Remixed Assignment- Seuss’ed Up Fast Food!

    Here is the link for this Remix assignment which really allows for a ton of creativity [soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/70540203" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /] The assignment is to take the original assignment of creating a ridiculous, absurd, impossible fast food order, and adding an element of Dr. Seuss to it. To do this I first ...

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