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    Paying It Forward


    Here is my video of advice to future students and participants of Digital Storytelling, or affectionately known as ds106!

    Good luck to whoever endeavors in this class in the future! It’s an interesting class but definitely requires a lot of work and is just as much work as a normal …

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    Daily Creates I Created


    For this week, we were asked to create two Daily Create ideas and submit them as suggestions. It was interesting to think of ideas for this component of DS106. Whenever I was completing Daily Creates throughout the semester, I always thought about what kind of ideas or suggestions I would …

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    Just Love This Quote…


    And then one student said that happiness is what happens when you go to bed on the hottest night of the summer, a night so hot that you can’t even wear a tee-shirt and you sleep on top of the sheets instead of under them, although try to sleep is …

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    Weeks 13 and 14


    Remix This

    The first thing we were asked to do these weeks was the same as the first thing we are asked to do every week. We are to review and browse through resources of the form of media that we will be working on for that week(s). I usually …

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    Recycled Story


    I really liked doing this assignment! It wasn’t that hard to complete but it was so much fun thinking of a story to create!

    To start out, I just kind of browsed through all of the pictures and the media to try and get a feel for what I …

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    Remix This


    Remix Resources

    We were assigned to watch at least two videos detailing what remixing and mashing up is all about. None of them really interested me that much, or immediately caught my eye, until I saw the Disney video. It was a video all about the definition of copyright …

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    Final Project Proposal


    So I read over the entire assignment for the final project and I really liked the idea of combining all of the different elements we’ve been working on this semester to create this piece. I really really liked the example of Cinderella. Growing up, my favorite Disney princesses were Cinderella …

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    11 + 12 Sum


    Video Assignments

    The first assignment I did these two weeks was Play by Play. I really enjoyed inserting my own commentary into a video that I watched. It was a cool experience to have my own input and to hear it play outloud.

    The second assignment I did this …

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    Play by Play


    The first video assignment I decided to complete this week (and outlined last week) was called Play by Play. This was one of the first video assignments that caught my eye last week in the list that gave us examples of assignments we could outline. I really liked the …

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    Week Ten


    Video Editing Tools

    We had to write a blog post about the video editing tools we have available to us and also had to talk about the experience we had with these tools. Mine is pretty much zero… So we’ll see how this goes!

    3 Time Review

    I chose to …

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    Exploring Any Given Sunday


    Vewwyy Intawesting (in Bugs Bunny voice)

    Because this was a movie about professional football, the NFL tried to prevent any professional football players from taking part in it. However, Terrell Owens is taped scoring some touchdowns for the Miami franchise wearing his namesake on his jersey, just with a different …

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    Any Given Sunday


    I chose the football speech  given by Al Pacino scene in Any Given Sunday to analyze.

    The scene begins with slowly zooming in on the sign outside the locker room that says “POSITIVELY NO VISITORS.” This starts the story that nobody else is allowed inside, only the home team. The…
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    Video Editing Tools


    The video tools I have available are the Windows Movie Maker and MPEG StreamClip. At first I couldn’t think of any experience that I had with Movie Maker but then I remembered doing a project in 8th grade where we wrote and paper and made a version version of it …

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    I knew one of the Daily Create assignments this week was to take a picture of the damage the Big Storm Sandy had done. So I hadn’t really seen any images of that in Fredericksburg because it didn’t really impact the area that much. But I came home tonight and …

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    Week Nine


    Radio Show Critiques

    This week, on Monday, my group listened to our radio show live on ds106radio. So, for this week, we had to critique ANOTHER group’s radio show, along with critiquing our own. This was interesting to look at another group’s work and see what did or didn’t work …

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    Radio Show Critiques


    The Despicables

    My show was Radio Roadtrip so I was assigned to critique The Despicables. This group was from the other class and their radio show was like an interview radio show where they had people call in and talk about why/why not fall is their favorite season and …

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    Weeks 7 & 8 Summareee


    Audio Brooo

    My first audio assignment was reading from my favorite Dr. Seuss book “Are You My Mother?” I really enjoyed doing this project! But it was hard to find the whole text of the book without having an actual hard copy of it. So I ended up having to …

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    Daily Creates 7/8


    I was just sitting at work looking through the Daily Creates trying to see which ones I could knock out while on duty on Friday night… and I found this one! I noticed that most people who had already submitted the assignment had drawn happy or frowny faces, so when …

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    Gasolina Chipmunk’d


    This audio assignment was really fun to do! We had to take a song and change it somehow so that it sounded like chipmunks were singing it. I love assignments that involve music so, once again, I just shuffled through my iTunes library to find a song that I think …

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    Seussin’ It Up!


    This audio assignment immediately caught my attention in the assignment bank. I’ve always loved Dr. Seuss’s books and I thought reading one out would be a really fun thing to do! We had to read aloud one of our favorite books by Dr. Seuss. One of my favorites that I …

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