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So I read over the entire assignment for the final project and I really liked the idea of combining all of the different elements we’ve been working on this semester to create this piece. I really really liked the example of Cinderella. Growing up, my favorite Disney princesses were Cinderella and Little Mermaid. So I started to think about how I could do a final project on Ariel, but I thought it would be too close to the example and I wanted to do something different, more original.

So then I tried to think of something that I knew about well and I thought of music! I feel like I’m so predictable… Music music music, all the time. So the first two artists I thought of were Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz. They both happen to begin with J’s and also happen to be some of my favorite artists. But I think I want to do Jason Mraz because he has released a new CD recently called Love is a Four Letter Word that I’m OBSESSED with. So I figure it’s the perfect thing to do my final project on! Jason Mraz and his most current album.

Some ideas I have about what I could possibly do:

  • Design: posters about upcoming tour dates/places/shows
  • Web: Pinterest board about things Jason Mraz likes (ex. fedoras, guitars, love, etc.)
  • Audio: sound effect story going through a day leading up to one of Jason Mraz’s shows
  • Visual: playlist/lyric poem connecting some/all of the songs in the album
  • Web: remade Amazon product page of a fedora, specifically to promote it as signed by Jason Mraz
  • Video: audio and visual clips of some/all of songs from album, as well as interview clips, live show clips, etc.

Keep in mind that all of these things I’m not sure about and could change or be different somehow. I’m still trying to work out how all of these things could turn out into a narrative or how these things will interloop, but these are my ideas so far! Prepare to learn a lot about this album and this artist! :)

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