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  1. Paul Waltsak III

    Final Project: The Man. The Myth. The Paul.

    Have you ever experienced a person, an ENTITY, a being that was so out of this world?? For instance, a legend.. Someone, or something, that many people could speak of but never truly understand? How about the man, the myth? I’m sure you know of him. He has even pervaded the DS106 culture… now, he ...
  2. Paul Waltsak III

    Remixed Assignment- Seuss’ed Up Fast Food!

    Here is the link for this Remix assignment which really allows for a ton of creativity [soundcloud url="" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /] The assignment is to take the original assignment of creating a ridiculous, absurd, impossible fast food order, and adding an element of Dr. Seuss to it. To do this I first ...
  3. Paul Waltsak III

    gnihtyrevE sI A ximeR!

    The first thing I did for weeks 13 & 14 was check out Kirby Ferguson’s web video series, Everything is a Remix, which is a really interesting take on how original concepts or pieces of media are used and used and used over again. His videos can all be found here!! To start the process ...
  4. Paul Waltsak III

    Final Project Proposal: A Day in the Life

    Here is an episode from A Day in the Life, which is a very unique show that documents a lot of behind-the-scenes action on different people and/or organizations. This video documents a day in the life of an auction center. For my final project I was thinking it would be awesome to try my hand ...
  5. Paul Waltsak III

    Week 10 Summary

    Analyzing a great movie scene in three stages More great movie scene work Return to the silent era preo-production! Play-by-Play pre-production! Welp! That’s about it for week 10/11 (Ha)
  6. Paul Waltsak III

    Play by Play: Pre-Production Work

    This assignment seems like it would be fun; I think announcing a pro sport like soccer would be an incredible job to have, both because you would be interacting and engaging your knowledge around some of the best players in the world, and also because you have that power to influence and connect to people ...
  7. Paul Waltsak III

    Reading Video: A clip in three stages

    I’d like to start off by saying that this movie is one of my favorites: the acting, production, story, all come together to create a beautiful movie. I chose the park scene from Good Will Hunting starring Robin Williams and Matt Damon.. For this little task, the idea is to look at a particular scene, isolating ...
  8. Paul Waltsak III

    Daily Creates Week 9

    TDC 293: Take a photo of your most prized possession. My family came here to visit this weekend, and we had a great time. Yesterday, we came on campus and I decided to take them through the Anderson center. While there, I figured it would be a fitting place for a photograph I don’t know ...
  9. Paul Waltsak III

    Web Storytelling Assignment

    The link for this assignment is here: Here are my screenshot images for the Washington Post page that I remixed :p The standalone URL for my remixed Web Page can be found here: Washington Post front page re-done What I did, and I thought it was pretty clever and lead to an overall theme, was ...
  10. Paul Waltsak III

    “Storify it” Assignment- 2 stars

    The link for this assignment is found here:   [<a href="" target="_blank">View the story "The Addictive Essence of Breaking Bad" on Storify</a>]<br /> <h1>The Addictive Essence of Breaking Bad</h1> <h2>Uncovering the successful workings of Breaking Bad</h2> <p>Storified by Paul Waltsak · Tue, Oct 30 2012 18:17:10</p> <div>Breaking bad is class. Halfway through season 5 ...
  11. Paul Waltsak III

    Hidden Story Within a Page Assignment- 2 stars

    The link for this assignment can be found here: Here is a screenshot of the page that I worked on. PostSecret- Hidden Story within a Page For this assignment I used Hackasaurus tool, which is really cool and pretty easy to use. When you put on the X-Ray goggles you can see through to the ...
  12. Paul Waltsak III

    A Dose of Brick House Panel Radio Show: Halloween Edition

    Here is the link for Brick House Panel Radio Show! Quality of audio sound  -e.g. is the volume appropriate? are the levels even? Is the sound clear, and free of noises not needed (e.g. mouse clicks, background)? For the most part the sound was pretty clear and you could hear what was being said. ...
  13. Paul Waltsak III

    Two Week Summary: 7/8 Audio/Radio!

    Recycled Media: Daily Creates: Radio Project: Chipmunk Assignment: May I take your order? Dr Seuss it! Over-Dramatic Reading:  
  14. Paul Waltsak III

    Recycled Media: ds106-sonar

    Here are the names of the files that I uploaded: 1) torn- design.jpeg — This photo is one of the ones from the Design Safari that I ended up not using but really enjoyed. 2) designpicture-baby.jpeg — This photo was also one that I found during my Design Safari, demonstrating the use of color as ...
  15. Paul Waltsak III

    May I take your order?! Wait…. WHAT?! 2 Stars

    The link for this crazy little assignment is right here! To start this assignment off, I found a clip of a woman saying “May I take your order?” from this website: , which was a super helpful kickoff to help me make this sound realistic. I also took a white noise clip from this website: . I ...
  16. Paul Waltsak III

    Mainstream Chipmunk’d: One Direction Style- 3 Stars

    Link is here: One Thing by One Direction here…. Redone! Chipmunk Style! This really isn’t too terribly difficult to do. The first thing I did was to make sure I had the One Thing file on my computer so that I could import it into Audacity. Audacity is a pretty cool audio editing software, which ...
  17. Paul Waltsak III

    Seuss’in it Up! “The Butter Battle” 3 Stars

    Here is the link for this fun, fun assignment created by past- ds106er Lindsay Cutler! Ohh, “The Butter Battle”. This book sure is a mouthful, but was always one that I really enjoyed by Dr. Seuss. This assignment was a great opportunity to read to all of you fine folks in a way that ...
  18. Paul Waltsak III

    Over-Dramatic Reading: 2 Stars

    Here is the link for this assignment: . For this assignment I got the idea to take the ending reporting quote from Scream, done by Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox) in the movie. It is a eerily calm report by her, that makes you replay all of the events of the horror movie in your head about ...

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