1. anyideas

    Good Bye DS106


    Well the Class is almost over and this is the last thing that I need to do for this semester. I’t been an interesting class, wasn’t what I was expecting at first but it definitely grew on me. It’s going to be weird to not open up photoshop or Audacity …

  2. anyideas

    A D&D Final Project.


    This was a very simple assignment to complete I used this as part of my Final assignment and had a “Character sheet” in mind for this assignment. each of the major characters involved in the story had a WIRED- What’s in Me? page.

    Here is the radio show story I …

  3. dontstrayaway.com

    Paying It Forward


    Here is my video of advice to future students and participants of Digital Storytelling, or affectionately known as ds106!

    Good luck to whoever endeavors in this class in the future! It’s an interesting class but definitely requires a lot of work and is just as much work as a normal …

  4. twerkooo



    HERE IT IS!!!!!

    Final Project: Here’s the link to my final project. This project took a lot of time to make and I hope that it shows. I really love with the show “One Tree Hill” and Peyton is one of my favorite characters throughout the series. I always thought …

  5. twerkooo

    FINAL PROJECT: Peytonnnn


    Peyton Sawyer from “One Tree Hill” is a character that in the beginning represents the definition of a “stereotype”. Her character is misinterpreted completely and through her confusion within herself she becomes a mystery to everyone. What people think of her…… isn’t who she is ……. What she sees is …

  6. areeves

    Final Summary: Week 15



     My final project was turning Obama into a Superhero. I personally feel as though to some women and men, he is almost their real life superhero (take the mother who couldn’t afford her child’s health insurance). I hope that people do not take this extremely politically. To a certain …

  7. aetherbunny

    The greatest adventure…


    … is what lies ahead.

    Perhaps this is crass, but I have to say it: holy crap.

    When I signed up for ds106 last semester, I think I was expecting a fun, creative class that would help me earn all my required credits towards graduation without pushing me over the …

  8. aetherbunny

    “Answer the Unanswered Riddle”



    In 1976, Patricia A. McKillip published a fantasy novel that became a quiet legend among those who read it and fell in love with the world she created. The Riddle-Master of Hed told the story of a man …

  9. mwatanab

    I Can’t


    My final project was a nightmare.  I had a difficult time getting sources for my media and for my ideas to weave together for a similar aesthetic for a story, and it’s incomplete (actually it hasn’t even been published.  There goes my grade and my sanity!).  I think the most …

  10. mwatanab

    To The Future


    final by melindakumi

    My follow up letter:

    It is my pleasure to welcome you into the ds106 family.  Let me give you a little more advice.  Approach your assignments eagerly and with great fervor.  This is an exciting time in your life and there are no classes like this anywhere …

  11. mwatanab

    Impressionate It How



    Take a painting, drawing, ceramic or sculpture from history and change the style of it. For example, take a painting from modern day artists and turn it into an Impressionist painting like that of Claude Monet. Or you could take a Grecian urn and change the images on it …

  12. anyideas

    The Daily Creates


    Alan’s students where asked to simply submit 2 assignment ideas to the daily create page my 2 ideas where

    Take a picture of something then comp it up and bit it back together in a different order. this is a fun little thing to do, I got this Idea from…
  13. ericgreenlaw

    Final Project Jaunt (and some advice)


    This was without a doubt the funnest final project I’ve ever had to do.  I loved the freedom we had, it really allowed us to express our own creativity.  Although it took a lot of time and effort, it was so much more enjoyable than a normal final project or …

  14. aetherbunny

    The Happy Student’s Guide to #ds106


    Okay, MOST of the profs won’t bite… I can’t speak for Prof. Levine if he hasn’t had his daily walk. Also, apparently sleep deprivation makes me confuse rabbits, rhinoceroses and dinosaurs. I’m gonna have to create an assignment based on the rhinosuar…


  15. matthewpoole

    Final Blog Post I Will Write For DS106


    To set the mood for *tear* final blog post *tear* hit play

    Well this is it. My final blog post. Never thought this day will come. At moments throughout this semester i prayed from this day to come but now that its hear i really dont know how i feel. …

  16. LyndseyLu Smith

    ATTENTION! Future DS106 students Report!


    DS106 is a learning class…

    You learn to become dependent on your knowledge and twitter…

    I am not kidding… twitter is the BEST SOURCE OF KNOWLEDGE!

    Do NOT wait til the last day to start your weekly summary….

    You’ll regret it COMPLETELY!!

    This course can be fun… if you go …

  17. matthewpoole

    Paying It forward


    Procrastination Kills! My one and only advice to the kids taking your class in the future is to not wait till Sunday afternoon. Get it done throughout the week and you will do fine in your class. Also participate and ask questions. But mostly don’t procrastinate..…

  18. twerkooo

    Letter home…….


    I can’t believe the semester has come to an end!!!!

    It felt like just yesterday I was creating my own website and struggling to come up with a domain name that I thought suited me well. It’s crazy to see that I am now completing my DS106 journey and signing …

  19. nstringer

    Final Project


    For the final project I decided to do it on the Disney/Pixar movie, “Ratatouille”
    I wanted to put a spin on it and create the final digital piece based on the creation of Ratatouille 2.

    We will be accepting application for a new furry mouse to play Remy. Remy has …

  20. astegemi

    The Final Report


    For my final project I did a spin off on the Disney princesses having a bad side.  At first it was difficult to come up with an idea, but as I created each small piece of the final product more ideas started to flow in. What I want others to …

  21. kpyrtle

    Bye Bye DS106.

    Final Project:

    I used Mean Girls as my main theme for my project because bullying has been in the media EVERYWHERE lately. Basically, the girls bully everyone. One girl gets fed up and buys magical earrings that will make karma catch up to the bullies. Originally, I was only going …

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