1. anyideas

    Good Bye DS106

    Well the Class is almost over and this is the last thing that I need to do for this semester. I’t been an interesting class, wasn’t what I was expecting at first but it definitely grew on me. It’s going to be weird to not open up photoshop or Audacity every other day but life moves on. and I sure have created some pretty impressive works… well it impressed me. I’m sure most people can do better but this was my first time working with most of these programs. The Final Project, this was both a pain and a pleasure. I had a lot of fun doing it because I got to … Continue reading
  2. anyideas

    A D&D Final Project.

    This was a very simple assignment to complete I used this as part of my Final assignment and had a “Character sheet” in mind for this assignment. each of the major characters involved in the story had a WIRED- What’s in Me? page. Here is the radio show story I created, it was actually really fun to do. the Wired Character sheets saved a lot of time as I could write more about what they where as a character and still have my thoughts organized for each character. The audio is a shortened version of a campaign with “fast forward” effects added. I wasn’t able to get into to much detail … Continue reading
  3. twerkooo


    HERE IT IS!!!!! Final Project: Here’s the link to my final project. This project took a lot of time to make and I hope that it shows. I really love with the show “One Tree Hill” and Peyton is one of my favorite characters throughout the series. I always thought she was really misunderstood and had a very mysterious side. When the project idea came out, I figured I could represent her …. the way she is seen in my eyes. I added a little twist to it by saying that she could see “everything”, but if you actually watch the show … you might get a glimpse of how this … Continue reading
  4. twerkooo

    FINAL PROJECT: Peytonnnn

    Peyton Sawyer from “One Tree Hill” is a character that in the beginning represents the definition of a “stereotype”. Her character is misinterpreted completely and through her confusion within herself she becomes a mystery to everyone. What people think of her…… isn’t who she is ……. What she sees is simply …….. a MYSTERY. This Pinterest site created by Peyton exemplifies who is is, what people actually think, & the mysterious secret that no one knows about her ….that Peyton Sawyer can see EVERYTHING. Get a little glimpse of Peyton… HERE (Although DesignAssignment563 suggested a screenshot, I made an entire pinterest instead.) …. Peyton has spent all of her life … Continue reading
  5. aetherbunny

    The greatest adventure…

    … is what lies ahead. Perhaps this is crass, but I have to say it: holy crap. When I signed up for ds106 last semester, I think I was expecting a fun, creative class that would help me earn all my required credits towards graduation without pushing me over the limit of English courses I… more
  6. aetherbunny

    “Answer the Unanswered Riddle”

    “WHO IS THE STAR-BEARER, AND WHAT WILL HE LOOSE THAT IS BOUND?” In 1976, Patricia A. McKillip published a fantasy novel that became a quiet legend among those who read it and fell in love with the world she created. The Riddle-Master of Hed told the story of a man pulled inexorably away from his… more
  7. mwatanab

    I Can’t

    My final project was a nightmare.  I had a difficult time getting sources for my media and for my ideas to weave together for a similar aesthetic for a story, and it’s incomplete (actually it hasn’t even been published.  There goes my grade and my sanity!).  I think the most difficult part of this final ...
  8. mwatanab

    To The Future

    final by melindakumi My follow up letter: It is my pleasure to welcome you into the ds106 family.  Let me give you a little more advice.  Approach your assignments eagerly and with great fervor.  This is an exciting time in your life and there are no classes like this anywhere else so take full advantage ...
  9. aetherbunny

    Wind Plain, ruined city of the Gradient-Masters

    Seriously. Someone needs to take the gradient tool away from me. Oh whoops, damage done, TOO LATE. I created this rendering of a ruined Earth-Master city from McKillip’s trilogy to complete my own Imaginary Places assignment. First things first, here’s a list of all the stock images I used to create this image: Main ruins… more
  10. mwatanab

    Impressionate It How

    http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/impressionate-it/ Take a painting, drawing, ceramic or sculpture from history and change the style of it. For example, take a painting from modern day artists and turn it into an Impressionist painting like that of Claude Monet. Or you could take a Grecian urn and change the images on it to make it a scene ...
  11. anyideas

    The Daily Creates

    Alan’s students where asked to simply submit 2 assignment ideas to the daily create page my 2 ideas where Take a picture of something then comp it up and bit it back together in a different order. this is a fun little thing to do, I got this Idea from a picture which I guess the file got corrupted because part of the picture was flipped. My second idea was to make a video which told an odd story behind something in your house. we all have those things which we can simply say “I got that on Vacation” but this was more meant to get stories which you wouldn’t normally associate with the item.
  12. aetherbunny

    Hail, Quiz-Bearer!

    Check it out! I created YET ANOTHER assignment, and for this one you get to make your own online quiz. Pretty nifty, huh? Surprisingly, this turned out to be one of the easier projects I completed for my final portfolio. The website I used to create the quiz, PollSnack, is exceedingly user-friendly, quite unlike some… more
  13. ericgreenlaw

    Final Project Jaunt (and some advice)

    This was without a doubt the funnest final project I’ve ever had to do.  I loved the freedom we had, it really allowed us to express our own creativity.  Although it took a lot of time and effort, it was so much more enjoyable than a normal final project or test.  It was interesting to […]
  14. LyndseyLu Smith

    Final Week Summary

    FINAL Summary Post I am going to start my final blog post off with, My Week 3 blog post about Digital Storytelling Upon finishing this class I have found more and more that storytelling through the web can be so successful and fun! I have found that I am able to express more to my thoughts through digital storytelling. I knew that storytelling could be fun before I started this class…. and NOW I KNOW IT! It has been an absolute learning experience(: You can find a complete blog post [within my creations category] of the assignments and tutorials I have created this semester here. You can find my best … Continue reading
  15. aetherbunny

    Riddle, Answer, Doofus

    In which I look like a total dork for the sake of my final project. I definitely took my own spin on the Text + Diagram -> Into a Movie assignment, and instead of fining “a written explanation of a concept and a diagram that illustrates that concept,” I adapted the ideas of riddlery from… more
  16. LyndseyLu Smith

    Bing Crosbyyy

    Bing Crosby! A man of many talents! He is an inspiration. I hope to show you through this post how multi-talented he was. When I think of Bing Crosby I think White Christmas… I LOVE THAT MOVIE SO SO MUCH. This is ultimately my favorite scene! The following video is a montage of a couple things: [If Youtube link above doesn't work: BingCrosby] SNOW! The following GIF is another favorite scene from the movie. Next, I wanted to share with you a shot from one of his singing appearances: Now his oh so unique VOICE! [If Youtube link above doesn't work: Bing's VOICE] I used this music from soundcloud in … Continue reading
  17. LyndseyLu Smith

    ATTENTION! Future DS106 students Report!

    DS106 is a learning class… You learn to become dependent on your knowledge and twitter… I am not kidding… twitter is the BEST SOURCE OF KNOWLEDGE! Do NOT wait til the last day to start your weekly summary…. You’ll regret it COMPLETELY!! This course can be fun… if you go about it the correct way… Advice tip #1: Start at the beginning of the week Advice tip #2: ASK QUESTIONS Advice tip #3: For the love of pineapples DO NOT DELETE ANY “Bad Ideas” … you might want to remix them!! Advice tip #4: You will enjoy this class if you watch the weekly Tuesday videos! Advice tip #5: You … Continue reading
  18. matthewpoole

    Paying It forward

    Procrastination Kills! My one and only advice to the kids taking your class in the future is to not wait till Sunday afternoon. Get it done throughout the week and you will do fine in your class. Also participate and … Continue reading
  19. twerkooo

    Letter home…….

    I can’t believe the semester has come to an end!!!! It felt like just yesterday I was creating my own website and struggling to come up with a domain name that I thought suited me well. It’s crazy to see that I am now completing my DS106 journey and signing out as a DS106er. Making the advice video actually brought back a lot of different memories … and this experience definitely taught me a lot. I got a chance to be a part of a radio show, to make my own movies, to tell stories in various ways, and lastly to experiment with my OWN thoughts and ideas. It was […]
  20. nstringer

    Final Project

    For the final project I decided to do it on the Disney/Pixar movie, “Ratatouille” I wanted to put a spin on it and create the final digital piece based on the creation of Ratatouille 2. We will be accepting application … Continue reading
  21. kpyrtle

    Bye Bye DS106.

    Final Project: I used Mean Girls as my main theme for my project because bullying has been in the media EVERYWHERE lately. Basically, the girls bully everyone. One girl gets fed up and buys magical earrings that will make karma catch up to the bullies. Originally, I was only going to do the story line […]

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