1. dzim

    I N C E P T I O N Goes Silent


    So… with my next feat of video I present to you, INCEPTION. Only this time the ending is in a silent film style. We are talking black and white, piano music, text cards, the whole thing baby! As a fair warning, if you haven’t seen Inception then this video will …

  2. dzim

    Have you met my partner? This is Periwinkle Shortstack.


    So previously this semester I took some time while I wasn’t feeling exactly on point to re-watch the entire Psych series. Now, I know what you are thinking and I have to say that yes it will probably continue to be funny long after it goes off air; much like …

  3. dzim

    Good Will Hunting in the Park


    First off, I choose this clip because 1. I love Robin Williams as an actor and a comedian. 2. Matt Damon. 3. This is just a great movie all around. So the first time watching the park scene without audio you can’t help but get a little bored. Then again, …

  4. dzim

    CHIPMUNKD GETS CRUNKD… er.. something along those lines


    Bringing back an oldie from the hip hop world. Lollipop. But I like the rock version better because I hip-hop isn’t my thing. So this is Lollipop as performed by Framing Hanley. You can find the video here: Yay videos! Changing the pitch was pretty easy, I found the part …

  5. dzim

    Relaxed Dr. Seuess


    Ever needed a bedtime story for a child? Well… I have good news! This sound clip will definitely do the trick. This is Dr. Suess with a soft piano medley layered beneath myself reading Dr. Suess’s Green Eggs and Ham. The name of the song is My Dreams by Kathleen …

  6. dzim

    Visually… Stunning.


    Dear ds106, I love you dearly. I promise. You are amazing and you are perhaps the greatest class of all time. Though our love can never be broken I must admit that I spent my time with another mistress this week. You see, the CPSC department had a programming competition …

  7. dzim



    So I’m new to this whole web development thing… I naively signed up for Advanced Web Application Development thinking it would be good for me but all I have gotten is a Daniel shaped impression in the lab seats a fewer hours of sleep than I would have liked. BUT! …

  8. dzim

    Atten’hut! Recruit Ready for Inspection!


    Sir SORRY Sir! This post is sooo beyond late that it is actually early for next semesters week 2 boot camp review. Holy cow… This is a lot of information. I did my laps, now it’s time for a rest. On to week 3!! * this may or may not …

  9. dzim

    In Memoriam: Week 1


    Reflecting on this weeks media assignments I’m reminded of how I am so incredibly un-artistic. I spend my day’s analyzing code and how to fix everyday problems I often forget to see the beauty in ‘art’. I put art in the quotes because I have never been one to really …

  10. dzim

    Boot Camp…. I did my push ups, I swear!


    Here we go again! Since I have already taken this class, most of my work this week was doing the daily creates and lending a helping hand if need be. I am always active on twitter (and probably should be more active on the rest of these sites, but what …

  11. dzim

    The Making of CounterPoint


    Wow… just wow. I never realized just how much work and planning went into making a radio show. We started by brainstorming what we even wanted to broadcast. From there we actually just started winging it before we realized… “Crap, we should write a script.” So we did. Photo Credit …

  12. dzim

    My tweets and comments thus far


    Twits Comments: http://blog.danielzimmerman.net/?p=146#comment-127 http://blog.danielzimmerman.net/?p=165#comment-151 http://blog.danielzimmerman.net/?p=113#comment-60 http://blog.neverthesameriver.com/?p=943 http://blog.scottwilsonplunkett.com/?p=64 http://happiprocity.us/women-wanted-for-ds106/#comments…

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    For those of you who enjoy a good meme and artistic riffing off of another’s work, you might be interested to look at this site. Sam Spratt takes a popular meme and paints it in a more realistic way. At least it is his interpretation of it… Are these new …

  14. dzim

    Week in Review: Daily Creates


    Here are this week’s Daily Creates! 1. Take a photo of food being served or eaten in a n unconventional way. tdc36 None 2. Take a photograph of a toy in action. tdc37 3. Take a photo of an object that represents how old you feel. tdc38 Alternate: 4. Take …

  15. dzim

    One Story – 4 Icons


    I debated for a while about which movie I wanted to reduce and couldn’t make up my mind. So I asked my girlfriend and she inspired me. So… think you can guess what it is? The first person to guess correctly gets 1000 “Whose Line Is It Anyway?™” points! Process: …

  16. dzim

    DS106 Bumperstickers


    Here are the stickers. Look for an edit with the thought process. I’ll tweet out when I finish the edit. For now, enjoy!…

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