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For my final project I did a spin off on the Disney princesses having a bad side.  At first it was difficult to come up with an idea, but as I created each small piece of the final product more ideas started to flow in. What I want others to see is that everyone has a past.  All though some people may seem perfect on the outside, often times they are hiding a past, which has shaped them into the person they are today.
Blog to my final project:

In week 3 we had to write a post on what Digital storytelling meant.
From writing this post till now my thought on the definition of digital storytelling has changed a bit.  Early in the semester I took it as a definition that was more aimed on how the audience responded to the information being presented.  After this class I have a more overall perspective of what digital storying means.  I don’t just think of the audience, but I also think about all the work that is put into creating a story.  Mainly this class has opened my eyes to how involved someone has to be to portray a story digitally and not digitally as well.

I created two different tutorials for assignments located in the assignment bank….I wrote individual blogs for them (Warhol: and Overedit: and then wrote a summary blog (  The summary of the blogs along with the individual tutorials can be found in the Tutorial section of my blog:
I also submitted two new assignments for the assignment bank and completed the assignments, along with submitting four new daily create assignments, but only wrote about two because I couldn’t remember what I originally posted.   I created a blog for each of the assignments I created and completed (Winterize it: and WalkingDead-ify: and then wrote a summary posted, which included a write up of the submitted ideas for new daily creates (  All of the created assignment stuff can be found in the category labeled created assignments:

Through out the semester we had to label some of our work “Best Work.”  All of what I consider to be my best work involved a lot of effort on my part and turned out to be something better than I expected.  I feel like most of my work either had more background behind it or the images/videos/audio clips never failed to bring a smile to my face…which can be hard at times.  All of my best work can be found under the category Best Work:

The final think I completed for this class was a Pay it forward assignment.  I thought it would be cool to reflect on what I thought this class was going to be like at the beginning and the rough patches I ran into during the semester.  The Pay it forward assignment blog is linked below.

Although this class had a lot of work involved with it and at times it was difficult to complete work due to it being all online, even with the ability to email and tweet at the professor for help, the class was well worth it.  I have gained a lot of information and skills from this class, which is sometimes hard to say about lecture classes, where yet you do learn a lot of information in, but it isn’t as applicable to the social media which most everyone is consumed in.  If I had to tell someone about ds106, I would not hesitate to tell them to take the class but I would forewarn them that it can be frustrating at times and a lot of work, but it is worth it in the end.

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