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  1. asterne1

    Assignment/Tutorial 2 Created

    Assignment 2, create your own theme song! Piece together multiple songs in Audacity and make your own theme song! Can only be at most 1 minute long. The first thing you need to do is pick at least 3 songs that symbolize who you are. I’m going to be choosing songs from my iTunes library. My Songs: As Long As You Love Me: Alex Goot Ass Back Home: Secrets and Crazy Beautiful: Ashley Parker Angel Open Audacity: Import one of the songs you want to use: File- Import and find the song on your computer. You’re going to need to cut out the sections of the song you don’t want … Continue reading
  2. asterne1

    Final Project; Happy Hunger Games!

    I chose Haymitch Abernathy for my character to portray. Wikipedia describes him as ” “paunchy, middle-aged man” who was the victor of the 50th Hunger Games (the Second Quarter Quell), which occurred 24 years prior to the first book.[3] When he was 16, Haymitch was reaped for the Second Quarter Quell, where four tributes from each district were forced into the arena. He became an ally to a girl named Maysilee Donner, who was the original owner of Katniss’ symbolic mockingjay pin, but was later forced to watch her die. During the Games, he discovered a wall of shrubbery at the edge of the Arena that concealed a force field, … Continue reading
  3. asterne1

    Assignment/Tutorial 1 Created

    Assignment Name: Meme Yourself Directions: Take a picture of you or someone else and put a famous meme on it. Post the original picture and the picture with the meme so we can see how they incorporate into each other. Mine: Original- Altered- The tutorial for this assignment is an easy one. You need to download GIMP which is compatible with Mac and PC. Once it’s downloaded, open it up. It should look something like this on a Mac-   After you’ve opened GIMP, you need to open whatever picture you’re going to be putting the meme on the person’s face. We’re going to call this the BASE photo. Open your … Continue reading
  4. asterne1

    Weeks 13&14

    Weeks 13 and 14 were a rough time for me. My parents went on vacation, left me at home, my grandfather passed away, I was thrown into planning a funeral that was more than a week later. I honestly hadn’t even thought about school work. I didn’t go to class for over a week. I was way too busy. I did end up getting a one day extension, I don’t want to fall behind on the other work for the end of the semester so I’m just going to turn in what I did, which is nothing. I watched the videos on remixing, and wrote a blog post but that … Continue reading
  5. asterne1


    What is remixing? Well it’s literally taking something and making it something else re… mixing it. In the video, Everything is a Remix, the speaker brings up a good point with his first example of early remixes. The same beat has been used in numerous songs, raps, and albums. My own personal example is the artist Cascada. She uses the same beat for every single one of her songs, she just changes around the lyrics and calls it a new song. Part One: The song remains the same 1961: Coining of the term “heavy metal” and the early remix of taking parts of other books and putting them together to … Continue reading
  6. asterne1

    Week 12 Summary

    These video assignments were super fun! I loved making them on my Mac with iMovie. I was used to working with Windows Movie Maker on my old computer so this was a quick way to learn how to use iMovie. Which I ended up liking better. I completed a lot of stars worth of assignments. What do pets think about us? 2* Live here! 5* 5 Second Film! 3* Room Raiders 2* This is my story 3* and My Cooking Show 3* These were super fun assignments that I shared with my whole family, even my dog! We enjoyed making them as well as editing them. It’s always nice when … Continue reading
  7. asterne1

    This is my story…

    I’m going to let the video speak for itself on this one. It was really tough for me to make this assignment because it’s a touchy subject for me. I almost started crying towards the end. This is 100% true. I’ll add tags at a later date because the DS106 site won’t come up on my computer…
  8. asterne1

    5 Second Film! 3*

    When I saw this assignment I had to watch the videos on youtube with this tag, I was kind of confused. I watched a video of a dad and his daughter taking shots that made my boyfriend and I crack up. It was so funny. I figured I’d do something with my puppy because who doesn’t love puppies! I love him.  
  9. asterne1

    Come live at my house! 5*

    Come live at my house! It’s roomy, comfy, and is always stocked with food…. Except this week because I’m the adult in the house. UMW decided to run a contest called “Live Here!” it asked students to make a video of their dorm to persuade other students to want to live there. There were some kind of prizes involved, plus… you’d gain awesome new friends. Since I don’t live on campus, I did my house… which is fantastic! Here, watch:
  10. asterne1

    What is Jack Jack Thinking?! 2*

    This assignment was to catch your pet in a contemplative mood and dub over with what you think he/she would be thinking/saying. My dog always has to pee or is super tired so I decided to incorporate that in. I tried to get him when he wasn’t barking but that’s a rare occurrence around our house, he’s always barking at something.
  11. asterne1

    Room Raiders (Sterne Edition) 2*

    For this assignment we were asked to raid the room of a willing person, my family is on a cruise so I just texted my brother and told him I was going to raid his room. He was dissapointed that he didn’t have time to add silly/incriminating things...
  12. asterne1

    Week 10 Summary!

    This week I did a lot better about managing my time, this online class is actually proving to be challenging, which I didn’t think it would be. My Experience with video editing goes back pretty far. I used to make videos in middle school and actually almost got expelled for uploading one to youtube. I didn’t get kid’s parent’s permission to post the video online. All I got was a slap on the wrist though. I’ve worked with Windows Movie Maker and iMovie. I recently started using iMovie because I bought a mac. I seem to like Windows Movie Maker better though. I did my Jaws movie stuff in seperate … Continue reading
  13. asterne1

    Slenderman Horror Movie.

    For the assignment we had to create a scene from a horror film. I’ve been wanting to do this so bad because I scare my best friend all the time with the slenderman. I plan on making a silent movie based in an rural setting at night on a windy night. Kris, the main character is going to be enjoying a quiet night alone in his house when he has the sudden urge to go night running. He grabs his flash light, his safety vest, and his jacket. He locks the front door and sets out into the woods. He has an eerie feeling that someone is watching him. Creepy … Continue reading
  14. asterne1

    More about Jaws

    3 Interesting Continuity Mistakes made in the movie: 1. When Chrissy’s body is found on the shore, it has been severely damaged by the shark attack, but is still mostly intact. When Hooper does his autopsy, there are far less bodily remains than were found on the beach. 2. At the town meeting, there are two shots of the reward sign posted by Mrs Kintner. The sign in the second shot is not the same as the sign in the previous shot, the handwriting is different. 3. When Quint is hauling in the rope from the first barrel and the shark appears suddenly, he jerks back in surprise and still … Continue reading
  15. asterne1

    Jaws Ending’s Video Techniques

    Time 1: No Sound, 0:06- Cuts up to see person stabbing shark with grimace on face, used so that shark doesn’t have to actually be there 0:28- Shark underwater, gives viewers a sense of urgency and shark’s meanness. 0:40- Shooting, cuts up every time the person shoots. Shows his determination and focus. 0:52- Lighting flashes bright over camera to show sun being bright. 1:00- pan out to see debris falling so you can know that the shark is blown up. 1:14- darkness to symbolize shark going under water. 1:25- Pan back to man to show happiness for blowing up shark Rest of the clip is just him and a guy … Continue reading
  16. asterne1

    Week 9!

    Week 9 was kind of annoying, I always feel like I’m super busy during the week so I put all of the work off until the weekend. It’s always a terrible idea. Oh well… Listening to the radio shows this week was probably the hardest part. We had to listen to our own show and another groups show. Our show was interesting, we had two of the same subjects in there because of poor planning and we did not collaborate outside of online together because of conflicting schedules. However our show ended up pulling nicely together. We used all of our bumpers to kind of mediate between all the different … Continue reading
  17. asterne1

    Weeks 7 & 8.

    These two weeks have been eh, I totally forgot about doing the daily creates until the end of the two weeks because we’d basically skipped a week of class! OH NO. I did do them though Our Radio Show project turned out to be an experience. Our group took to using Twitter and Canvas to do the whole show instead of meeting up since it was hard to get all of us together at once with conflicting schedules. What a task. There were times when I didn’t see the new comments on our discussions until 2-3 days later! I guess I just don’t get e-mails from canvas when important events … Continue reading
  18. asterne1

    Weekly Summary 6!

    I’ve gotten in the habit of putting off my DS106 homework til the end of the week. I can’t do that! Don’t let me do that! I loved doing all of the design work this week. It was a lot of fun. I did all of my design assignments, The Little Caption, Bumper Sticker, Cartoon Head, Letters in Your Surroundings, Lyric Typography, and Zombify Yourself. All of these were super fun to do, I loved making Brigid a zombie on PicMonkey, I especially loved making the caption photo as well. These all made me laugh really hard. Some more than others. My daily creates were actually fun as well, I … Continue reading
  19. asterne1

    Bumper Sticker… 2 Stars! FINISHED

    When I saw that one of the assignments was to make a bumper sticker for DS106 I got super excited. This one of of my favorite classes and I couldn’t help but make something cute/funny. I googled ‘Bumper Stickers’ for ideas, I saw one that said ‘I brake for hookers’ I though… I would brake for DS106. I stop all other work for it anyways. So The product ended up being ‘I Brake for DS106′ I used GIMP again to create this. I made a 2 layer image one layer being yellow, one black, and inserted the text. Super simple.  
  20. asterne1

    The Little Caption… 2 Stars

    I did the assignment The Little Caption. I chose a picture from the Creative Commons portion of Flickr. I chose this picture because the small child on her dad’s shoulders looks really disgruntled. The first thing that popped into my head was &#8...
  21. asterne1

    Cartoon Head… 2 Stars

    I chose to do the assignment Cartoon The Head. I had an old picture of my friend George who I used to work with. We used to call him barney! I used GIMP to paste Barney’s head on George. I pasted the picture into GIMP and added the barney head as a layer, I cut off the while part and discarded it and scaled the head to fit over top of George’s. It looks a little funny.  
  22. asterne1

    Lyric Typography…2 Stars

    I chose to do the lyrics from Go Radio’s song Go to Hell for my Lyric Typography poster.. It’s a song I frequently listen to after a hard break up. It empowers me to move on from hard times. I chose to keep it simple because the song is very straight forward. The poster itself is on a black background with white letters to accentuate the red of ‘hell’. I also chose to blur the word ‘myself’ because the song might show empowerment after a break up but the singer is still broken, faded, lost. I might actually print this out and hang it on my wall. It is a … Continue reading
  23. asterne1

    Zombify Yourself… Or Brigid… 2 Stars

    I chose to Zombify my friend Brigid because I have a million pictures of her on my computer and I couldn’t find a decent face shot of myself. Plus, Brigid is scary gorgeous as a zombie. I used PicMonkey to Zombify this beauty.   Creepy huh? Imagine waking up with that staring at you.
  24. asterne1

    Truthful Movie Poster… 3 Stars!

    I chose to do a truthful movie poster about Magic Mike, a movie about Channing Tatum’s career as a stripper before he became the most gorgeous actor on the market. It’s definitely a girls movie, granted I’ve never seen it. But who wou...
  25. asterne1

    Let me paint you a picture of week 5.

    This week, along with most of the recent weeks have been extremely hectic. I have been working two jobs, battling school, and trying to do dodgeball and hockey. I got all of my work done though! The photography tips were semi-helpful. I run a shistey (shifty) photography business when I can. I don’t mean it’s shady, I just make money to give people quality photos.. for less. The tips were kind of helpful, I have trouble with depth of field. I tried to incorporate some of the ideas into a recent photo shoot. It turned out kind of nicely. My photoblitz was actually kind of fun. I got my brother … Continue reading
  26. asterne1

    1..2…3… Photoblitz!

    This photoblitz thing was pretty easy and it only took 20 minutes of my time! The point was to start at a certain time and take as many pictures on the list that we could. I ended up with 11 or so pictures. It was hard to find things around the house s...
  27. asterne1

    Overedit Yourself… Wow.

    For this assignment (only worth 1 star) we had to over-edit one of our pictures. I tried to find a picture that showed either my whole body/face head on. This is the result… Original… And the Over-edited version….
  28. asterne1

    Returning to the scene of the crime… of cute!

    Returning to the scene of the crime is worth three stars on the assignment scale. I was super excited for this one, I think it turned out nicely. I couldn’t decide between the two of these pictures. One is of just me, at 2 years old. The other is of my brother and I before school one year, don’t know how long ago. Per @Cogdog ‘s request, I’m going to write a letter to myself in my younger years that goes along with these photographs. Dear Younger Me, Let me tell you a secret, nobody is perfect. That is the one thing that you need to remember. Never lose sight … Continue reading

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