1. winenf

    The Long Way Home: The Final Summary for DS106


    It’s been one heck of a ride.  I’m going to really miss this class.  Despite doing a ton of last minute work, the work I’ve done for this class has been by far my most enjoyable of my college career.  With that being said, there’s no time to get misty …

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    Daily Created!


    Here I’m going to tell you of the two daily creates that I have submitted at this point.  I hope I’m doing this right.

    Tell us your favorite joke.

    This was my first idea.  It was an audio assignment.  The premise is really easy, no restrictions, just tell us your …

  3. winenf

    My Very own Assignment 2: Electric Boogaloo


    Oh boy, I created another one!  I’ve seen a few examples of this on the internet now, which kind of sucks because I thought I was being original when I came up with it.  I guess it’s true what they say, everything good has already been created (note: not what …

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    5 Stars: Swedeing Fightclub


    For my final assignment this week, I have chosen to recreate my favorite scene from Fight Club for the “Swede a Scene” assignment.

    Oh wow.  Wow.  Haha. Wow.  Now you all know why I’m not a theatre major.  I can’t deliver lines AT ALL.  Pretty decent at hitting …

  5. winenf

    3 Stars: Cooking with Wine


    Video number 2 this week is my very own cooking show, performed for the assignment “Cooking show“! Featuring me having a mental breakdown! How fun! More exclamation points!  But yeah, once I realized that I would be doing all of the cooking in one take and that I …

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    3 Stars: A 5 Second Disaster


    Hi everyone! It’s been a while.  I’ve been busy working on a few of my videos for these 2 weeks’ assignments.  For the first assignment, I made a “5 Second Film.”

    This is a short film I like to call “Nerf Assassin.”  I found a nerf gun the …

  7. winenf

    Preparation for Week 11


    Alright, time to prepare for next week.  We’re supposed to pick 2 assignments we want to do and describe our creative process that we’ll be going through.  So here are my planned assignments!

    Plinkett Review

    I was a huge fan of Plnkett’s Phantom Menace review; in fact, I was such …

  8. winenf

    Daily Creates: Week 10


    Here are the daily creates for Week 10!

    TDC 298: Forced Perspective

    For this assignment, we had to make something seem bigger than it really was.  I wanted to take my UMW eagle and have him take a drink of water.  With the help of my friend Andrew, we were …

  9. winenf

    Cloud 9: Weekly Summary for Week 9


    So glad the week is over!  I’m battening down the hatches for the coming hurricane.  Not looking forward to that.  Anyways, on we go!

    Daily Creates

    Here was my little narrative for daily creates.  It wasn’t really good.  Sorry about that.

    Web Assignments:

    Firstly, this was my storytelling within …

  10. winenf

    Hurricane Sandy Bypasses East Coast, Baffles Meteorologists


    Storytelling within the web!  This assignment would have been really fun if I didn’t have a massive case of writer’s block when I decided to get down to it.  I decided to remix a cnn webpage as if the coming hurricane-apocalypse mix was going to miss the east coast.

    That’s …

  11. winenf

    2 Stars- Welcome to McDumbass


    This is… just awful.  Ok, I did the assignment “May I take your order” that was worth 2 stars.  We were supposed to record an original conversation of us ordering from McDonalds with a faked accent.  For mine, I chose a poorly performed southern/hick accent.  It’s not quite Georgia, but …

  12. winenf

    3 Stars: Audio Dream Stories


    Hi all! Sorry that it’s been a few weeks since my last update.  I’m lazy.  Anyways, for this assignment, I chose to do the “Audio Dream Stories” assignment that was very similar to the sound effects story that I did earlier in the year.  Basically, we had to …

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    Here Comes the Radio Show!


    My poster for the upcoming DS106 Radio Show!

    This post will serve to display both my poster for the radio show as well as outlining my planned contributions for the upcoming radio show of #SpiritXpress. (this way I can siphon off more hits, haha!)

    First I’d like to discuss the …

  14. winenf

    Design Blitzing








    Above is the complete slideshow of all the design elements I chose to look at.  These designs also included so many other elements in their products that it was hard to single out just one part to talk about.


    I found that this …

  15. winenf

    Daily Creates for Week 6


    Sorry for the lack of a good headline, but I’m running a little on empty in terms of creativity. Anyways, on to the creates!

    TDC267: World Vegetarian Day

    This daily create was to take a picture of something that commemorated World Vegetarian Day. Now, I could’ve taken it easy and …

  16. winenf

    2 Stars- MacGuffin-ing it up


    This was for the “Messing with MacGuffin assignment that said to change an important moment in a movie.  I can think of no more crucial moment in a movie than the choice Neo, I’m sorry, Mr. Anderson makes in the Matrix.  What would happen if Mr. Anderson didn’t go down …

  17. winenf

    3 Stars: Coming Soon


    This is my favorite thing I’ve ever done.  Let’s just say I’m very proud of the way this turned out.  I decided to do the “Truthful Movie Poster” assignment from the design repository.  Before I go any further, I will say that I genuinely enjoy Clint Eastwood.  I think he’s …

  18. winenf

    3 Stars: I choose you!


    So, for today’s assignment I chose to make a Pokemon card for a cool, breezy 3 stars.  We had to choose a good picture of ourselves and imagine ourselves as a Pokemon.

    Here is the Wino’s pokemon card.  Abilities include my unique ability to not give a shit (note, not …

  19. winenf

    Trying for 5: Weekly Summary from Week 5


    I am not very good at modifying photos unfortunately.  That is probably the big take away I had from this week.  Gimp and I do not get along.  I need to learn how to better modify my pictures and adjust contrast and brightness.  Anyways, on to the work!



  20. winenf

    2 Stars- What’s the Meme?


    Yes, internet memes.  The bottom rung of the comedy ladder.  Nevertheless, for 2 stars, I’ll gladly suck it up and make a simple one for you all to see.  This… actually wasn’t that simple.  I had a hard time trying to get the outline around the text in gimp right.  …

  21. winenf

    3 Stars- Returning to the Scene of the Crime


    This was a picture that I took back during the snowstorm that happened my freshman year (January 2010?).  It was taken right outside of Seacobeck dining hall.  I had never actually realized how much has changed in the 2-ish years that have passed since then.  That bush that was covered …

  22. winenf

    Daily Creates for Week 5


    Here are the daily creates for week 5:

    TDC266: Yellowfied world!

    This is an old shirt I had from last year.  I actually took it from the Underground at school (sorry!).  But it’s just about the only yellow thing I own.

    TDC265: Interruption

    This was just a silly thing I …

  23. winenf

    2 Stars- Let’s Get (De)Motivated!


    Alright, this was my first demotivational poster.  I followed the guidelines set out in one of the tutorial posts.  I went to the website http://bighugelabs.com/motivator.php which has a nice little template that makes this two star assignment incredibly simple.

    I chose Office Space because it never fails to remind me …

  24. winenf

    Bump(er) Up the Volume


    This was my first foray into the world of audio editing.  As such, it’s not quite up to the quality I’d hope.  I plan to mess around with audacity a bit more in the future (maybe try to make my own mashups and some remixes).

    I started by importing a …

  25. winenf

    On the Radio


    Today, on this beautiful sunday afternoon just before football got started, I began listening to #ds106radio!  Our awesome professor, Alan Levine (a.k.a. Cog Dog) was DJing this morning, and we had a brief conversation via the air waves and twitterverse regarding my laziness and tendency to procrastinate (I kid, I …

  26. winenf

    This American Life: Two Steps Back


    Today, I listened to This American Life: Two Steps Back as told by Ira Glass.  Ira had previously reported on Chicago Public Schools and some new teaching initiatives at Irving Elementary that were paying serious dividends in terms of student participation.  This was a story told in two acts: 1994 …

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