1. mblack

    Digital Tools: Timeline & Map


    Story Map


    These tools bring back memories from past digital courses like DS106 and Intro to Digital Studies. It was cool getting familiar with them again, but I was a bit disappointed that I could not embed my work on my blog (I even installed the iframe plugin). Other …

  2. mblack

    Digital Tools & Website Feedback


    Between these three platforms, I am more familiar with WordPress and it’s capabilities. Whether it’s used as a blog or a full blown website, you have the ability to customize to your liking and add various media content with ease. Zotero is new to me, and other than managing online …

  3. mblack

    Intro (Digital History)


    I signed up for this class to meet the capstone requirement for my Communication/Digital Studies major. After reading a brief introduction about the course last semester, it became more appealing. To be honest, History was never my favorite subject in grade school, but I look forward to learning more about …

  4. mblack

    Reflecting on The Peripheral


    After reading William Gibson’s crazy, futuristic, sci-fi novel, The Peripheral, it reminded me that there is no guarantee what the future holds or the direction it’s headed in. I think it’s highly important that we educate ourselves as much as possible and spread that information along to others who will …

  5. kaileyck

    Finishing up…


    So, I must be honest: I stopped doing blog posts for my individual study. The semester and job hunting just got too busy, but rest assured–I did continue reading great social media material!

    I finished my thesis (it’s around 20 pages) and gave a presentation at UMW’s Kemp Symposium, and …

  6. kaileyck

    Spring Break + Burger King.


    Hello all! So, I’ll be honest: I’ve been on Spring Break (although, it really shouldn’t be called “spring” break, because we got 8 inches of snow), so I made the executive decision to combine two weeks of posts into one so that I could enjoy more of my vacation.

    The …

  7. kaileyck

    The final three!


    Hi all! Well, I got my snow day–and then some. While the ice melts & re-freezes outside, please enjoy reading my last write-up for WSI’s Digital Minds!


    Responsive web design sounds super-duper futuristic (I’m thinking, like, a Google search suggestion type of …

  8. kaileyck

    Haven’t learned this much about e-mail since 2001.


    Hello all! So, we’re currently under a wind advisory and snow forecast here at school, and I’m kinda super excited. I know parts of the nation are less-than-thrilled about more winter weather, but I JUST WANT ONE SNOW DAY. JUST ONE. SERIOUSLY.

    Anyway, as the child-like joy of potential snow …

  9. amotley

    Amanda Motley Resume

    Professional Summary

    My past employment and volunteer experiences have nurtured many interpersonal skills that are relevant to my ambitions today and offer an excellent foundation on which to build my future hopes and goals for tomorrow.
    I have worked hard to develop strong communication skills with excellent attention to detail …

  10. kaileyck

    Do not plan for “Gangnam Style.”


    Hello all! Hope you’ve had a great week and are enjoying SuperBowl weekend! (GO PATRIOTS–I mean, what?)

    To conclude my study of Mark W. Schaefer’s Social Media Explained, I’ll be re-capping some highlights from his last section of the book: A Social Media Primer.



    I briefly mentioned the …

  11. kaileyck

    Authentic Helpfulness and giving “the deer guns.”


    Hello again followers/readers of kaileyck! Hope you all had a lovely holiday and new year.


    I’m back for my final semester and am happy to announce I’ll be keeping this site updated with weekly blog posts documenting my adventures as I traverse through the exciting world of my independent …

  12. hope

    Hope Racine 2015-01-01 15:53:33


    Happy New Year!

    Two things have come to my attention: that I have a problem finishing things, and that I don’t take very many pictures of myself. I’m a 22 year-old female, so I of course take more than the average joe, but the vast majority never see the light …

  13. kminnick

    Callie’s Trip to Nashville for the CMA Fest


    Callie and her family decided that for her 21st birthday, everyone would contribute to a trip for her to go to the CMA Fest in Downtown Nashville Tennessee. Being a small town girl, she loved country music and always dreamed of going to a CMA Fest and it just so …

  14. rjones6

    How the Journal was Made


    My final project is going to be on the character Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls. It took me a couple days to think of a character because there are an extraordinary amount of choices. But Gilmore Girls was a show that I loved and grew up with; it taught me …

  15. rjones6

    A Journalist’s Journal


    My final project is going to be on the character Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls. It took me a couple days to think of a character because there are an extraordinary amount of choices. But Gilmore Girls was a show that I loved and grew up with; it taught me …

  16. jwhipple

    Ted Mosbey the Heartbreak Kid (Final Project)


    Ted had been seeing this girl Jennifer for a couple of weeks now and they had grown quite close. Being the romantic Ted is, he had fell rather quickly for her. He loved her laugh, her wit, and thought she was strikingly beautiful. Like a few times before he believed …

  17. mblack

    Final Week Summary


    Well, what can I say? Yes, the workload seemed overwhelming at times, but I am truly glad I enrolled in this course. The assignments were interesting and challenging, but that was the fun of it (at least with me). The amount of knowledge and new creative techniques I have learned …

  18. cifax

    The Bitter Taste of Honey (Final Project)


    In the luscious lands of the Hundred Acre Wood, Winnie the Pooh has spent the past few years enjoying retirement after his many adventures and stay in the limelight. He has devoted his time to inspiring children in the gift of reading and creative writing. However, he has also been …

  19. saratmcd

    Final Project: The Blue Girl


    On a windy Wednesday evening, in another galaxy, on a planet called Triste, a little girl was born. She was the length of a human forearm, very plump, had green eyes and a huge smile. She was a healthy, happy girl named Olive. But there was something about her that …

  20. tmobaird

    Final Weekly Summary


    I’m not sure if we needed to do a weekly summary for these two weeks because we only had one post to do. But, I figured I’d do one anyways, just to be safe. These past two weeks we did our final project, where we select a character and build …

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