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    How the Journal was Made


    My final project is going to be on the character Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls. It took me a couple days to think of a character because there are an extraordinary amount of choices. But Gilmore Girls was a show that I loved and grew up with; it taught me …

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    A Journalist’s Journal


    My final project is going to be on the character Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls. It took me a couple days to think of a character because there are an extraordinary amount of choices. But Gilmore Girls was a show that I loved and grew up with; it taught me …

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    My assignments


    For my first assignment, I got the inspiration from a previous assignment and thought it deserved its own category. I liked the idea of taking pictures of people in the moment of doing something and comparing it to that of an emoji. It’s cute, and fun, and it is actually …

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    The point of this assignment was to add into this video what was lacking. That included putting in pictures, maps, texts, music, etc.. I liked the creative aspects of Popcorn and I would use it if my computer and browser function well with the program. Sadly, It took my hours …

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    Week 13+14 Summary


    These two weeks went quicker than any other. That was probably from Thanksgiving break that they felt so fast. I was a bit scared when I first looked at this whole remixing genre. But it was actually really fun. I got to use that creative side and use a lot …

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    The Pink Remix


    For this remix assignment, the assignments that were being remixed were Pretty in Pink (every must be in lots of pink) along with the three word assignment. For my incorporation of media from a past example I used the words in the example because there was not any media in …

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    My defintion of Remix


    This was a bit tricky for me to define. Remixing could be very broad or specific. But simply, remixing in the simplest terms means simply to mix things again. We see this every day, in our favorite songs on the radio, pretty much the entire genre of dubstep, a funny …

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    This post was worth two stars. It was goofy and fun and the perfect way to end nine points of assignments. The point of the assignment was to put the face of talking Tina on anything we wanted. I choose the Statue of Liberty because I thought it would look …

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    Video Game’s


    For my video game mashup worth 4 stars I choose Amnesia and Dark Souls. Both are two of the hardest and creepiest games I have ever played and watched youtubers play. I made the assignment a little bit of my own though. Both Video Covers do not allow much for …

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    This assignment seemed interesting right off the bat. It was worth 3 stars and we were to make a mashup of 4 or 5 different songs and take 3 second clips from each song. And of course they were to be some of our favorite songs and that made the …

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    Weekly Summary 10+11


    These two weeks went by extremely quick. I cannot believe the semester is going to end in a few short weeks. I was very scared of the video assignments. I am not an expert editor by any meanings, and my filming could be better, but it did give me so …

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    Myself and Myself


    For this required assignment worth five stars, you were supposed to talk to yourself. Two videos of you having a conversation and both of you have to wear different clothing for the illusion. I tried to download different software for the assignment but my computer would not allow it to …

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    Daily Creates



    This was a flag I designed for my country. I did not go all out on this assignment, I simply put my girlfriend’s initials on the flag and chose some of my favorite colors.


    Oh Runescape

    Written by Rachel on November 15, 2014 9:49 pm

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    Movie Scenes that Changed My Life


    This assignment was movie scenes that changed our lives and it was worth 5 stars. You were to choose 3-5 scenes that stood out to you over the years and influenced you in some strong way. The three scenes I choose taught me three distinct lessons early on in my …

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    Then and Now


    For 4 stars, I did the assignment where are they now. The point is to pick a TV show or movie that you know of or loved when you were younger, and show photos or clips of them in the past, and in the present. I choose to do Boy …

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    Sweden Montage


    This assignment was a montage of any place you wanted to go. Preferably a place we had never been to before. I choose Sweden. There was not anything in particular that drew me toward Sweden, I admired the way it was run, and one of my favorite Youtubers, Pewdiepie, lives …

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    Weekly Summary 10


    This week was a bit of a breath of fresh air. The assignments were not as taxing as past weeks and they were a lot of fun. I enjoyed viewing video clips of The Shining and The Pursuit of Happiness, and Quentin Tarentino. I look forward to the video assignments …

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    I would enjoy doing the challenge where we say positive things about ourselves. I am not a very boastful person, and at times I can have very low self-esteem. For me  this video would be a great challenge because it would allow to pick things that I may actually have …

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    Genres of Youtube


    For the youtube genres, I thought they were really fascinating. They hit the nail on the head with some of them. Youtube is so vast and growing and has some of everything on it. It has lots of humor from crazy things children say, to singing animals. There are many …

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    Exploring a Great Movie Scene


    There are many interesting facts about The Pursuit of Happiness but the three that stuck out to me was one: the son of Will Smith in the movie was his son in real life, the movie is based on the life of the real Christopher Gardner, and speed cubing champions …

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    Watching the Pursuit of Happiness clip the first time was different. My main focus went to the beginning of the clip. It was a scene of a city that went from the day to night, light to dark, and it showed the city at hyper speed. The camera immediately cut …

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    Reading Movies


    Starts out with a single tiny square and loud knocking. You really have to focus on what is going on the tiny square. Then each one that follows you keep paying attention to the next one, and they all are showing tiny segments of what is and will happen. While …

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    Radio Show Review


    For my groups show, I enjoyed the personal aspect of it. I liked hearing stories from people who go here and their experiences, and just people who enjoy the spring. I think it could have been better if we would have communicated a little more and maybe met together we …

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    My daily create story


    Below are my original daily creates. I will stem from the first one listed: what I would change. The point of this assignment is to combine our daily creates and make one story out of them. If I could go back I would do many things differently. I would laugh …

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    My Weekily Summary 9


    This week was a bit stressful but a little more relaxing than past weeks. I enjoyed the web assignments a lot more than dealing with audacity. I did not enjoy using goggle and my computer as well as my mothers computer was not compatible with it so I could not …

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    My Assignment


    Creating an assignment, even an idea for an assignment was tricky for me. There is so much that has already been done that I did not know where to begin. I finally settled on a 3 point assignment that I would say would fall under the web assignment category.

    Your …

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    My Character


    I found this assignment very interesting. We were to use our pinterest (making one if we did not already have one) and put within one particular board clues to who a particular character was. We needed at minimum 20 pins on that board.

    I loved this assignment as soon as …

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    My Dream Vacation


    When thinking of my dream vacations my mind instantly goes to food. Everyplace on my bucket list has glorious food with a unique spice Platte. Growing up, my best friend was Greek. I would go over to her home after school or on weekends and be surrounded by many of …

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