1. rjones6

    Greatest Hits


    For my greatest hits, I did my best to mash together songs about love and loss by Tegan and Sara. I chose them because a lot of their songs have similar sounds so they would be easier to put together. As well as the fact that I already had numerous …

  2. rjones6

    Can you guess this popular song?


    This audio assignment was pretty simple once I got my bearings with audacity. I had to close and reopen the program because it did not cooperate the first time around. Below is a popular song by a female artist that was and is on the radio quite a bit. This …

  3. rjones6

    How to Succeed in Audio Storytelling



    Watching and more importantly listening to Ira Glass transported me to a different place. As many of us learn throughout college much of what we learned in high school is wrong. For audio you are not making a topic sentence and then following it with information to back it …

  4. rjones6

    My (small) book library


    Sadly, my book collection is at my house so I had to improvise this daily create with what I had in my dorm room. But because my guilty pleasure is not in my possession I added a quote from it. For those of you who do not recognize the quote, …

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    Red Pepper Gouda Day


    If nothing else goes right on a Wednesday, Red Pepper Gouda always makes me feel better, and that’s what was on my mind this morning!

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    Daily Create


    Seanmháthair, I long for you to remember

    Such sweet memories that I hold dear.

    Sorrow plagues all who know you’ve faded away


    Swain Street will forever be in need of your laughter

    Swearing on your stoop as you would sweat in the summer sun

    Strolling every day to and …

  7. rjones6

    Week 3 Summary


    This week went by faster than I expected. There was some unforetold technical problems that I had to take care of before I could really get in the swing of things. Luckily, my mother works in and on computers on a daily basis so she was able to get my …

  8. rjones6

    Past ds106 Assignments


    I visited the inspire page, for my blast from the past. Everything I saw was hilarious, and brilliant. The colors and textures popped off the screen. It was hard to concentrate on just one image, because I wanted to look at them all at once. Creativity was pouring out …

  9. rjones6

    A Story In Five Frames: Little Grey Addition


    For myself, there was no better story than a tale of my cats shenanigans. This sweet little face is my baby, Little Grey. She is a companion like no other, and when you think you will be able to open drawers and put your clothes away think again. Like most …

  10. rjones6

    Daily Create Audio


    For todays Daily Create, I took a personal approach. I was unsure if it was suppose to be a self help about making a gif, or something related to the course. So I picked self help on relationships, and five easy steps to follow to ensure you can build a …

  11. rjones6

    (Vonnegut’s) A Little Princess


    (Disclaimer: If you have read the book, it varies from the movie couple of key aspects. If you find my description of the movie off, that’s why.)

    One of my favorite movies growing up was A Little Princess. It was full of magic and wonder, and it was a story …

  12. rjones6

    Daily Create


    Yesterdays daily create required a lot of imagination for me. I did not see one clear thing to make a formula out of. But with Halloween and my birthday both in October, I gave the circumference of  a circle a Halloween theme. Nothing makes me happier than fall, and the …

  13. rjones6



    “But this too is true: stories can save us.”

    —  Tim O’Brien, The Things They Carried


    The word storytelling can be defined in a plethora of ways. For me storytelling incorporates many different elements. There is a key speaker or storyteller that sets the story with a visual picture …

  14. rjones6

    Week Two Summary


    Week Two Summary

    This week showed me that kind of pace I have to keep for myself to succeed in ds106. It introduced some fun topics that I got to read about, as well as a new experience by making my first gif! My favorite part of this week’s assignments …

  15. rjones6

    Say It Like The Peanut Butter


    This is one of my favorite scenes from the movie The Birdcage. It’s Mr. Spartacus dancing around the kitchen cleaning to Gloria Estefan. It always makes me laugh ,and when I thought about what movie I would want to attempt to make a gif out of ,this movie stuck out …

  16. rjones6

    Michael Wesch: Knowledge to Knowledge-able


    At the start of Mr. Wesch’s presentation we are given a good idea of the vast amount of knowledge he has about New Media. Unlike most professors he understands that lectures can be bland and students need a better means to learn. Especially, if he wants to get them interested …

  17. rjones6

    Cyber Infrastructure



    Gardner Campbell: Personal CyberInfrastructure

    As Mr. Campbell begins his article he brings us back in time, to when computers were just beginning. Where teachers knew enough to teach their students but not much else. Compared to this day and age that is highly unlikely, kids, teenagers, young adults, seem …

  18. rjones6

    Calvin Ball!


    My game  combines elements of the following three games: Clue, Scattergories and Pictionary. This game is not for the faint of heart.  Just as in the game of Clue, you pick from the following three categories:  weapons, people, and rooms to complete a guess, but after that the game changes. …

  19. rjones6

    Internet Map


    This was my internet map for my daily create that I uploaded to flickr and twitter yesterday. I like to think of all all the sites I travel on the internet in medieval times, and my home page as my fortress.…

  20. rjones6

    ds106zone LoDown 001Reflection


    Scott gave us a merry introduction as he began his podcast; it is always nice to feel welcome. He gives us a pretty clear picture of audio, and puts forth a love for pod-casting and all things audio. If I were to have any confusion about the topic, going to …

  21. rjones6

    Week 1 Summary



    This week I was able to accomplish just about everything that was assigned to us. I created all the social media sites needed all of which have links on my page but I will include them down below. I downloaded wordpress and the Akismet key. Personalized my blog to …

  22. rjones6

    Hello All!


    Hi everybody my name is Rachel! I’m a sophomore here a Mary Washington and I’m very excited to have been able to secure a place in this class.  I don’t have a major at this point in time but I’m hoping to declare at the end of the semester. Besides …

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