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    Week 7+8 Summary


    This week was the most stressful week of this class by far. The radio show did come together bit by bit. Communication was the hardest factor in my opinion. We used to canvas to talk back and forth and I think that hurt us a little bit because we could …

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    Radio Segment Final

    Radio Segment Final

    I have posted my final bumper, segment, and commercial. I made my segment and commercial in audacity with links to my final screen in a word document above. I used different tunes that I put at the beginning and end of my commercial. It …

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    Daily Creates for Week 7-8


    October 14th

    So today when I came back from fall break, I was unpacking all of my clothes and my roommate said that her parents had left something for me. What they had left was a little package of nuts, sweets, and a string.  From my understanding and how my …

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    The purpose of this assignment was to pick our favorite poem or just any poem and recite it and then relate it back to a story. I choose a poem by E.E. Cummings (biography) called  I carry your heart with me. There are many interpretations with poetry, and you can …

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    Chaplin Assignment


    This assignment was interesting and a little embarrassing. We had to watch a 30 second clip of Charlie Chaplin and then act it out ourselves using sound. My birthday was in October so acted out 1:00- 1:30. Of course for me always being surrounded by people I would get a …

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    My Dramatic Reading: White


    For this assignment we were suppose to do a dramatic reading of a song of our choice and then put it against a beat. Our version of the song was suppose to be completely different from the original in its sound and beat. I chose White by Frank Ocean. It …

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    Daily Create: Little Surprises


    So today when I came back from fall break, I was unpacking all of my clothes and my roommate said that her parents had left something for me. What they had left was a little package of nuts, sweets, and a string.  From my understanding and how my friend explained …

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    Group Contribution Outline


    As a collective we had decided to pursue a spring theme, using this theme we are going to do interviews. These interviews will be about what people have conquered during spring/ spring semester at UMW. What changes they have undergone, and what they plan to change in the future i.e. …

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    Week 6 Summary


    This week has opened my mind and my eyes to see the world around me in a completely different way. I never really noticed the rhythm on floors, or the burst of color inside restaurants, the symmetry of the buildings. I feel as though I am seeing everything for the …

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    My Design Safari


    First reading the description for this assignment I knew I was going to have to shift my mind. I was not going to be able to think the way I normally do. I was going to need to look at everything in a different way, finding the design in everything …

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    Can You Guess This Song?


    This assignment which was worth 3 and 1/2 stars was to create a poster using  a photo of yourself and incorporating an object in it as well. The object and your picture are then used as hints to a song that people must guess.

    This song may be tricky, I …

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    Segel as a Turtle


    This turned into an assignment that once again broadened my horizons. I attempted to use paint, and Picasa but neither worked to my satisfaction. I googled the best apps to use for transporting a face onto another picture and I happened upon the app gimp. Gimp did exactly what I …

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    My New Logo


    For this assignment I was very nervous. The assignment itself was easy enough but for me finding any type of editing software normally takes me hours. Fortunately, this time, it took me less than a half hour. I used this very simple and neat site called Hipster Logo(link). All you …

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    One Story Four Icons


    I myself am very knowledgeable about movies. Especially ones from the 1980s and further back.  So when I saw this assignment I was extremely excited. This story takes us back to before most of us were even born. The key is to pay attention to details. I will admit this …

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    Six Word Memoir


    This assignment did not take me a long time to figure out. I have read numerous six word stories and have come up with quite a few on my own. The one that I put below in my poster is one of the more important ones about my life. There …

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    Week 5 Summary


    For me this week more than any other was very overwhelming. There was many assignments, and more parts to each assignment than before. But the course is progressing on so it was not that surprising to me. I love getting to take interesting photos, and getting to create something out …

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    I have many different social networking sites, so I am use to editing and managing different settings. I normally do that right as I make and account for anything so most of my settings for Flickr were exactly how I wanted them to be. I added a few fun titles …

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    Photo Techniques


    All of the helpful hints were insightful and useful for photography. There were three in particular that were the most helpful for me when I was accomplishing my assignments. During my photo blitz assignment I used the lightening to my advantage. I used my camera and took practice shots to …

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    Sounds of Nature


    For Saturday’s Daily Create, while I was walking back to my dorm that night I decided to stop and record the sounds of my surroundings. Because it was later in the evening you mainly hear one very loud cricket and a few cars that were passing by. Overall it was …

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    Headphones Aren’t Just For Listening


    They are also for making adorable creatures like this octopus! I have no string what so ever in my dorm room so I had to improvise with two pairs of headphones. While I was deciding what to create the more I moved my headphones around, the more my carpet started …

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    Splash of Color!


    The assignment was pretty straight forward. I took a picture that I absolutely adore of my girlfriend and used it for this assignment. You can take any photo you’d like, and using an app( I used color effects) it’ll transform your photo into a greyscale picture. From there I picked …

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    Pho Blitz!


     Blitz! The purpose of this assignment was to take photos from the categories listed in the directions and take as many photos as you could in twenty minutes. I have my photos in time order, there are not many of them because I started right before I went to dinner.…

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    Apophenia: A Time for Aliens and Elephants


    This assignment took me a long while to think of. I kept looking around at all my things and tired to think of something overwhelming clever. Unfortunately that did not happen. I also wanted to find something that allowed me too be creative. By itself it would have potential to …

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    Troll Quotes


    Queen has been an a group I have listened to since I was young. They were my mothers favorite so I grew up listening to them, Heart, Fleetwood Mac, the list goes on and on. Freddie Mercury is partially remembered for his outrageous outfits. He gave not a care in …

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    Common Everyday Objects


    I choose my tea mug as my every day object. I will drink a cup of hot tea at least once a day, sometimes more. My mug is always either on my desk, my shelf, dresser, anywhere I am my mug follows. I decided to edit it in a way …

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    Vintage Blueprint


    This daily create was extremely intriguing to me. I flipped through blue print after blueprint just because it was fun seeing the sketches before the final product. The one that stood out to me the most was the blueprint of a revolver. It was fascinating to see all the inner …

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    Belated Daily Create


    I added my photo to flickr and posted this daily create a while ago, but some how or another I did not post an actually entry for the daily create. So here are my darling cats in all their glory! They are the closest thing to children I have, and …

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    Week Four Summary


    This week has flown by like all the others. Oddly enough, I was excited for audio. Audio has always been something I’ve enjoyed and been interesting in. For me I do not like doing visual things of myself like videos, audio always me to put myself and work out there …

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    ds106 Radio


    I think the concept of ds106 radio is fascinating. It is not a full out radio station like you would think. It reminds me of listening to 30 minutes of nonstop radio and then instead of a commercial after those 30 minutes you listen to a broadcast about something interesting …

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    The title doppelgangers stood out to me right off the bat when I was choosing a video to watch. I was not expecting the video to turn into an SNL skit, that to me was a nice surprise. Doppelgangers brought in Fred Armisen, as there guest. Armisen then proceded to …

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