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  1. amotley

    Amanda Motley Resume


    Professional Summary My past employment and volunteer experiences have nurtured many interpersonal skills that are relevant to my ambitions today and offer an excellent foundation on which to build my future hopes and goals for tomorrow. I have worked hard to develop strong communication skills with excellent attention to detail and am proficient at managing multiple tasks without compromise under… Read more →

  2. amotley

    Final Project Ds106


    The story of “Tangled” is a great one. We watched as Rapunzel went through many trials and tribulations to get to the end of her story, finally get away from her evil step mother, and find true love. BUT what happened when that was all over? That is where I come in. I am going to tell what happened after… Read more →

  3. amotley

    Tutorial on making cut outs


    For my tutorial I am going to show you how to make a cut-out. This has been one of the most valuable tools for this class. Almost all of the design assignments have required us to make a cut-out of some kind. To make a cut-out on my computer I am using the program Photoshop. I am going to give… Read more →

  4. amotley

    A Toy’s Life: movie poster remix


    A Toy’s life is a movie poster that I remixed for this Ds106 assignment. It is a combination of two of my favorite Pixar movies. In “A toy’s Life” the toys are going to be become part of “A Bug’s Life” world. I chose both of these stories because when I was a child I used to watch both movies… Read more →

  5. amotley

    Emoji mash-up


    For this assignment, the task was to mash up emojis and real people. It was super easy and worth the two stars that it was worth. In this day in age, it is so easy to find emojis because they are right our phones. I asked my friend Evan to choose an emoji to model. The one below is the… Read more →

  6. amotley

    A conversation with myself


    This was the required assignment this week. I think it had a really funny background but to actually do it was impossible. I was a little too time cramped this week to do it during the week. Plus I also saw how hellish it was for other people to complete. Instead of putting myself through that agony I chose to… Read more →

  7. amotley

    Daily Creates Week 11 &12


     The daily creates this week have been fairly simple. I tried to do some of the video ones but I found it overwhelming to do with all of the other assignments and my other work. My favorite daily create this week was the mouse one. I did not understand the background behind it but it was so cute it made… Read more →

  8. amotley

    High school memories


    For another one of my video assignments I decided to do a video montage of my memories. The original assignment was to do a video montage of your high school memories but I decided to go beyond that and include some of my college memories as well. I loved this assignment because it made me realize how far I’ve come… Read more →

  9. amotley

    Sports intro video


    Sports pump it up video: For my video I chose to do a video on the Washington Capitals. Choosing the Caps do this project on was easy. I love following Washington sports teams. I really love baseball but hockey is the next best thing. I knew that I wanted to choose the song “Pretender” by The Foo Fighters. This was… Read more →

  10. amotley

    60-second day


    For my first assignment this week I chose to do the sixty-second day project. I chose to do Saturday as my day to life myself because it is usually my most hectic day. I run around, get errands done, work, and do my school work. I thought it would be the most interesting day to film. What I love about… Read more →

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