1. mblack

    Weekly Summary (13 & 14)


    These past two weeks have been my worst, as far as completing assignments. This will be my first weekly assignment where I come up short on a few assignments. I’m really agitated about this matter, because I have been very consistent each week (grade wise) and completed every task. But …

  2. jwhipple

    Ray Lewis’ Greatest Hit


    This is the first submission of the Highlight Reel Assignment. For this assignment you were to simply create a GIF of your favorite sports moment worth being replayed over and over like a highlight reel.

    I chose this hit by the Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis. He was always …

  3. thelaceman

    Weekly Summary of 13 and 14


    This week we learned about remixes and mashups. It was difficult to distinguish the two at times. It seemed like mashups were combining multiple things without changing them too much and a remix was a deeper transformation of the original pieces. After doing work with mashups I am starting to …

  4. tmobaird

    Week 13 & 14 Summary


    Gooooooodness gracious, I can’t believe that we’re this far into the semester. Only two weeks left til the semester and ds106 is over. It’s been a fun ride that’s for sure. But, this week was based around remix and mashup assignments. This week consisted of many different assignments, using many …

  5. kaileyck

    6 Daily Creates!


    TDC1045: Worst Album Cover!


    Despite all its stresses and “de-relaxation,” ds106 is a lot of fun! (;

    I chose this as my “worst album cover,” because the text and image are far too crowded! This actually has a lot of potential to be a nice picture, though, if …

  6. cifax

    Week 13 and 14 Summary


    As I’ve come to expect, the content from each week grows increasingly more difficult. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I really enjoyed some of the assignments this week through the use of remixing. It can be a very thin line in the world of remixes. While it …

  7. rjones6

    My assignments


    For my first assignment, I got the inspiration from a previous assignment and thought it deserved its own category. I liked the idea of taking pictures of people in the moment of doing something and comparing it to that of an emoji. It’s cute, and fun, and it is actually …

  8. jwhipple

    Weekly Summary 13 & 14


    Daily Creates: http://cpsc106.jamesonwhipple.com/blog/category/daily-create/

    Remix Explanation and Assignments: http://cpsc106.jamesonwhipple.com/blog/category/remix-assignments/

    My Created Assignments: http://cpsc106.jamesonwhipple.com/blog/category/writing-assignments/



    These two weeks were difficult. I really like the idea of remixes and mashups, but sometimes in practice they can be hard to put together. I had always liked them, but never thought of the idea …

  9. kaileyck

    post-it notes & to-do lists!


    All right, I want to make a really fun, pop-culture-related third assignment, so here it goes:

    Choose a character or characters that you like, or choose a movie, world, whatever! Then, create Post-It notes in an image editor–multi-colored squares with handwritten-looking-text–that the character or characters in your chosen world would …

  10. rjones6



    The point of this assignment was to add into this video what was lacking. That included putting in pictures, maps, texts, music, etc.. I liked the creative aspects of Popcorn and I would use it if my computer and browser function well with the program. Sadly, It took my hours …

  11. rjones6

    Week 13+14 Summary


    These two weeks went quicker than any other. That was probably from Thanksgiving break that they felt so fast. I was a bit scared when I first looked at this whole remixing genre. But it was actually really fun. I got to use that creative side and use a lot …

  12. tmobaird

    What is a Remix?


    What is a remix? What about a mashup? Those are two very good questions that have a wide variety of different definitions and such. According to dictionary.com, the definition of remix is:

    remix – to mix and re-record the elements of (a musical recording) in a different way.

    and …

  13. aalmberg

    Week 13 and 14


    I am still sooooo full from Thanksgiving. It is one of my favorite holidays because I don’t get to see my family a lot. These last two weeks have been a bit more relaxed than other weeks which gave me alot of time to study for my other classes and …

  14. jwhipple

    Explaining Remixes


    Here is the sound clip of me briefly explaining remixes to my brother:

    To me remixes and mashups are a symbol of progress. I enjoy and appreciate how they utilize the creative process in the best way. I strongly agree with the Remix Manifesto. I believe new ideas are …

  15. mblack

    Actor Transformation


    Original Assignment (4 stars)

    Actors/Actresses change roles and characters all the time. It’s always cool to see them progress and grow throughout the years (if they make it that far). Some make it, and some don’t, that’s just the way Hollywood is.

    I was originally going to use Mark-Paul Gosselaar …

  16. kaileyck

    postcards from the past.


    Based off of a final project I had in Spanish class, this assignment I’ve created involves history and some form of artistic creativity–preferably writing, but I won’t limit you to just that medium!

    Find an old archive: letter, postcard, photograph, memo, computer document, e-mail. Then, form a story surrounding the …

  17. kaileyck

    No, I do not play D&D.


    For my second tutorial, I’m going to try something a bit out-of-the-ordinary. While most DS106-ers stick to working on technical aspects during their tutorials (bless Hope for this Mozilla Popcorn tutorial), I’m going to get a bit more creative and open-ended.

    Intrigued–and also filled with mild trepidation–by the section …

  18. thelaceman

    King of the Burgers


    Hank Hill, assistant manager of Strickland Propane found himself in a place he never thought he would venture into… the West Coast. He was unsure about why Buck Strickland needed him of all people to go on this business trip but he kept thinking do it for the Propane. It …

  19. rjones6

    The Pink Remix


    For this remix assignment, the assignments that were being remixed were Pretty in Pink (every must be in lots of pink) along with the three word assignment. For my incorporation of media from a past example I used the words in the example because there was not any media in …

  20. jwhipple

    Why I Love 4th of July


    This is the pioneer post for my newly created Writing Assignment, Holifaves. This assignment is to tell about your favorite holiday in the most descriptive way possible.

    My favorite holiday is the fourth of July. I don’t think there’s a single thing I would change about it. I love …

  21. aalmberg

    10 Second throwback- 2


    This assignment was a lot of fun. So when trying to come up with a throwback, I was confused on which throwback to use. I love old songs. I went with the 80’s… I went with mashing up two of my favorite movies breakout songs. I used Unchained Melody first, …

  22. rjones6

    My defintion of Remix


    This was a bit tricky for me to define. Remixing could be very broad or specific. But simply, remixing in the simplest terms means simply to mix things again. We see this every day, in our favorite songs on the radio, pretty much the entire genre of dubstep, a funny …

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    As a final project for ds106, you are asked to produce a story around a character that explores at least three of the media forms we’ve investigated this semester: visual/design, audio, video, web, remix/mashup (Please note that for this project we’re combining visual and design …

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