1. thelaceman

    Star Wars: A Disturbance in the Force


    A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…

    Not long after the events that take place on Mustafar, where Obi-Wan Kenobi duels and defeats Anakin Skywalker, his former apprentice rendering him burnt and left for dead, the Sith lord Darth Sidious rebuilds Anakin. Under Anakin’s new name, Darth …

  2. thelaceman

    Weekly Summary of 13 and 14


    This week we learned about remixes and mashups. It was difficult to distinguish the two at times. It seemed like mashups were combining multiple things without changing them too much and a remix was a deeper transformation of the original pieces. After doing work with mashups I am starting to …

  3. thelaceman

    King of the Burgers


    Hank Hill, assistant manager of Strickland Propane found himself in a place he never thought he would venture into… the West Coast. He was unsure about why Buck Strickland needed him of all people to go on this business trip but he kept thinking do it for the Propane. It …

  4. thelaceman

    My Unsuspecting Friends


    I decided to take pictures of my friends at moments where they were not paying attention. Once you have photos of them make a collage of the photos. I decided that this was a moderately easy assignment and definitely a visual assignment, so I made it worth 2 stars. Some …

  5. thelaceman

    New England BruPats


    For my third Mashup assignment I did the Favorite Teams Mashup. I decided to combine some of my favorite Boston sports teams together. I combined the New England Patriots logo with the Boston Bruins logo using gimp. I wasn’t sure which teams I should combine but I ended up …

  6. thelaceman

    Rings of the Jedi


    I was looking through the mashup assignments for another one to do and found the Movie Mashup. For this assignment you have to combine two different movies together into one movie poster. I decided to combine two famous trilogies together of different genres that are often compared as classics. …

  7. thelaceman

    Killswitch Engage Mashup


    I was looking through Mashup Assignments and saw the 10 Second Song Mashup. I thought this would be great. Unfortunately my laptop has been running very poorly since we did all the work with video assignments so I had to use my sister’s laptop to download audacity and give …

  8. thelaceman

    Remixes vs Mashups


    Since I was home for Thanksgiving Break I decided that it would be a good idea to talk to my sister about remixes and mashups. We both felt pretty unclear on what remixes were going into it. We each thought that we knew what it was but then we check …

  9. thelaceman

    The Thinker’s Revenge


    Today we had to write about what the thinker was thinking, and it seemed to be headed in a Batman direction so I just rolled with that.

    After the crippling defeat at the hands of Batman, the Thinker had to be quick with his plan, not too quick of course. …

  10. thelaceman

    Weekly Summary weeks 11 and 12


    For the last two weeks there was not a ton of work we had five video assignments and six daily creates. It was a lot of difficult work since the video assignments are what I struggle with the most. Safe to say this was not going to be my best …

  11. thelaceman

    The daily creates


    For my first daily create I made a haiku called working hard or hardly working?

    Working hard every day
    People tell you it pays off
    Results still awaited

    Down below is my Safe Haven

    Next I made a magnetic fridge photo poem which I called the interwebs.

    For the Fourth …

  12. thelaceman

    Do it for the Vine!


    I decided that it would be a cool idea to try out vine for one of my video assignments since I see a lot of funny videos from there but have never had an account myself or anything. So I tried the Vine it! assignment. I tried to capture a …

  13. thelaceman

    The Start of it all


    Today I talk about the day my online life started. I considered that to be the first time I had interactions with other people online under a profile and the first time I did that was on an online gambling website called JetSet Poker. You can read my reminiscence here

  14. thelaceman

    A Shakespearean Ticket


    Today’s daily create was to write a parking ticket in the style of a poet, hopefully you all like the Shakespearean Ticket.

    I know you were late
    For an important date

    Your reservations
    To meet her expectations

    Hopefully this was worth it
    Because you’ll pay from pocket

    Giving tickets always …

  15. thelaceman

    The InterWebs


    For today’s daily create we had to make some magnetic poetry. I’m sure doing this brought everybody back to a time where they used to do this on their own fridge. Enjoy my creation!

  16. thelaceman

    My Safe Haven


    Here is my safe haven. I come here to do homework, relax, play video games or even just get away for a bit. Its a nice little room …

  17. thelaceman

    Online Course


    Hey everybody! I am a sociology major for those of you who don’t know and for one of my classes I had to create a survey in a group that my professor emailed to all of you. It would really help me out if you guys could do that survey …

  18. thelaceman

    Weekly Summary 10: Video lessons to max


    This week I learned how to read movies which was interesting. Roger Ebert gave some interesting perspectives about right and left dominance that made me really think about how I watch movies. I also learned about some filming examples such as the zoom which you can see on display in …

  19. thelaceman

    Signatures, candy pyramids and more!


    No surprises here this week when it came to daily creates. I did four as usual throughout the week.

    The first daily create I did for this week was a writing assignment that discusses my unfortunate signature. Down below is that submission.

    “A signature can say a lot about someone. …

  20. thelaceman

    Just planning ahead


    It’s always nice to get ahead so for this week I was responsible to get ahead a little bit and look at some video assignments for next week and plan out how I will do them, plus look over some examples of people who did them already. This will be …

  21. thelaceman

    The many genres of YouTube


    I looked through the document with all the YouTube genres. I saw so many different types of genres and felt that I could have added many videos to each one but personally I go to YouTube to watch funny videos for the most part. So I decided to add an …

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