1. tmobaird

    Honest Abe and Arnie


    This is my post dedicated to remixing a ds106 assignment. To do this, we used the remix generator. The remix generator essentially gives you a random assignment from the ds106 assignment bank, and gives you a remix card that lists the type of changes you need to make. The random …

  2. jwhipple

    The Thinkers Evil Plan


    Today’s daily create was to finish the thinkers thought about how to finally destroy Batman. I got my inspiration from the photo of the thinker. How can he ever get away with a life of crime when he’s stuck to one place.  Here’s my piece:

    Maybe I should consider removing …

  3. thelaceman

    The Thinker’s Revenge


    Today we had to write about what the thinker was thinking, and it seemed to be headed in a Batman direction so I just rolled with that.

    After the crippling defeat at the hands of Batman, the Thinker had to be quick with his plan, not too quick of course. …

  4. amotley

    A conversation with myself


    This was the required assignment this week. I think it had a really funny background but to actually do it was impossible.

    I was a little too time cramped this week to do it during the week. Plus I also saw how hellish it was for other people to complete.…

  5. cifax

    Week 11 and 12 Summary


    These past two have definitely been a new and challenging experience. As with a lot of  computer related mediums I am a novice to video so I really had to learn from the ground up. I have used Windows Movie Maker in the past for a couple projects and assignments …

  6. saratmcd

    Weekly Summary 11&12


    Oh my goodness, not only were these past two weeks stressful in DS106 world, but I had a super important, need-a-good-grade-on-this-to-pass, project/test/presentation/etc. in every single one my classes. Yes, that required bold & italics. I’m so happy these weeks are over, and I can finally take a second to breathe …

  7. tmobaird

    Week 11 & 12 Summary


    These past two weeks have been based around video assignments. We had a wide array of video assignments to accomplish over the past two weeks. Along with this we also had a group of daily creates to accomplish this week. If you would like to take a look at my …

  8. amotley

    Daily Creates Week 11 &12


     The daily creates this week have been fairly simple. I tried to do some of the video ones but I found it overwhelming to do with all of the other assignments and my other work. My favorite daily create this week was the mouse one. I did not understand the …

  9. saratmcd

    Daily Creates


    I only completed 4/6 of the Daily Creates since I was too flustered with all the other video assignments. Here they are:

    Daily Create for 11/11:

    I designed a flag for my country if I had one. Read more on my Flickr page.


    Daily Create for 11/14:

    Writing: …

  10. cifax

    Having a Conversation With Myself


    I’ll start off by saying that this was a very challenging assignment. I knew I could probably try and go with a webcam style conversation but I liked the idea of doing the split screen. The problem was I had literally no idea where to start.…

  11. saratmcd

    Time-lapse Tea


    For my last assignment, I chose to do the “activity time-lapse” assignment (3.5 stars). The point of this was to videotape some sort of activity you do or some specific task and then speed it up. I chose to film my nightly cup of tea since I thought …

  12. devangel426

    Weekly Summary #11 and #12!


    Whew what a two weeks these have been. Despite the seemingly small workload, these video assignments were a lot more difficult and annoying than I thought. But at the same time, I had fun with some actually and it was a great learning experience as usual with each passing week …

  13. amotley

    High school memories


    For another one of my video assignments I decided to do a video montage of my memories. The original assignment was to do a video montage of your high school memories but I decided to go beyond that and include some of my college memories as well.

    I loved this …

  14. devangel426

    Conversation with Myself


    Original Assignment (5 Stars)

    Out of every single assignment I had to do for this class, this annoyed, pissed, and irritated me the most because of how much I had to do just for this assignment. I am so glad I got this over with because editing the clips I …

  15. thelaceman

    Weekly Summary weeks 11 and 12


    For the last two weeks there was not a ton of work we had five video assignments and six daily creates. It was a lot of difficult work since the video assignments are what I struggle with the most. Safe to say this was not going to be my best …

  16. thelaceman

    The daily creates


    For my first daily create I made a haiku called working hard or hardly working?

    Working hard every day
    People tell you it pays off
    Results still awaited

    Down below is my Safe Haven

    Next I made a magnetic fridge photo poem which I called the interwebs.

    For the Fourth …

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