1. aalmberg

    Weekly Summary 11and 12


    This past two weeks where a lot of fun! I really liked playing around with iMovie. I felt like movie producer. I had never used iMovie before but I feel much more confident using the program now. I did my six daily creates. I completed  Haiku, Safe Haven, Magnetic Poem, …

  2. rjones6

    Weekly Summary 10+11


    These two weeks went by extremely quick. I cannot believe the semester is going to end in a few short weeks. I was very scared of the video assignments. I am not an expert editor by any meanings, and my filming could be better, but it did give me so …

  3. rjones6

    Myself and Myself


    For this required assignment worth five stars, you were supposed to talk to yourself. Two videos of you having a conversation and both of you have to wear different clothing for the illusion. I tried to download different software for the assignment but my computer would not allow it to …

  4. jappolack

    Week 13 & 14


    I am going to use Jim Groom Lecture from 2012 for remix.  You need to really start listening around 3:30.  You will want to watch RiP: A Remix Manifesto first (given below).

    For the next two weeks you’ll be exploring the culminating ideas of ds106–remixes and mashups– the artistic recasting …

  5. devangel426

    Capitals Pump Up Video!


    Original Assignment (4.5 Stars)

    For my last video assignment, I decided to do the “Sports Team Pump-Up Video”. The team I decided to use was the Washington Capitals (yes, I realized a few people have already chosen this team for their assignment, but I felt like hockey is the best …

  6. rjones6

    Daily Creates



    This was a flag I designed for my country. I did not go all out on this assignment, I simply put my girlfriend’s initials on the flag and chose some of my favorite colors.


    Oh Runescape

    Written by Rachel on November 15, 2014 9:49 pm

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  7. jhempe

    Weekly Summary 11 & 12


    These past two weeks I have enjoyed the most out of any of the weeks we have done so far. I really never knew how to make highlights reels or movie trailers, but this week has taught me so much about the process of creating videos and the amount time …

  8. cifax

    Oh Officer Barbrady…



    In the TV show South Park there is a bit character called Officer Barbrady. He is officially the police chief in the town of South Park and is known as a bit of a ditz. While he has his moments of triumph he is better known for his stupidity.…

  9. kminnick

    Weeks 11 & 12 All Video all the Time


    This week I learned a lot about video making. The main thing behind most videos is emotion, at least thats what all my assignents were based on this week. I learned about the program IMovie on my mac and got to know how to use it as well as learning …

  10. kminnick

    This is who I Am


    Here’s another amazing video assignment! One that lets you show all about you and who you are. I chose this one because people tend to judge a book by its cover, meaning people are very judgmental.  I have always been and will be a country girl, many people take …

  11. rjones6

    Movie Scenes that Changed My Life


    This assignment was movie scenes that changed our lives and it was worth 5 stars. You were to choose 3-5 scenes that stood out to you over the years and influenced you in some strong way. The three scenes I choose taught me three distinct lessons early on in my …

  12. hope

    Weekly Summary: Video killed the DS106-er


    So…..video assignments suck. I thought I would get in there and get started and realize that it’s not so bad and iMovie isn’t difficult and with enough hard work and effort I could master video projects! Wrong. This week sucked and I never want to revisit it ever again.

  13. hope

    Daily Creates


    This assignment was to make a flag for our own imagined country, so I decided to make my flag incorporate some of my favorite things: polka dots, teal, and tea! I made this very quickly using photoshop. I found the polka dot as a background online and …

  14. saratmcd

    Vine it!


    For another video assignment this week, I chose do to the Vine it! Assignment (3 stars). For this, I chose to vine myself making macaroni and cheese for dinner. I’ve been familiar with vine for awhile, but I deleted it off my old phone and didn’t bother re-downloading it, until …

  15. cifax

    Playing Through the Pain Mashup



    For this Sports Mashup, I wanted to go with something a little different than normal highlights with cool moves and awesome catches. I made a mashup involving some of the gutsiest performances in sports history. One of the worst things about sports is the terrible injuries which can …

  16. kaileyck



    If you were following my blog during the month of October, you are familiar with my group’s radio show. Since the assignment was due shortly before Halloween (the show actually premiered the eve of Halloween, which was perfect!), us group members decided to have a spooky theme. We decided …

  17. kminnick

    My Town (Memories)


    This is the best video assignment idea ever! Memories are forever and they make you stop and think, which is exactly what I want my video to do. My high school life was all fun and great with the awesome football games, the best football team, the best of friends, …

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