1. ashleighengels

    Daily Creates – Week 11&12 :)


    What’s Your Flag? – The flag I created was somewhat simple. I decided to use the flowers that I love to draw and my favorite color pink along with an accent of stars surrounding the flowers. If I was able to have my own flag, I would make it simple …

  2. mblack

    Convo With My Twin


    Original Assignment (5 stars)

    Out of all the video assignments, this one in particular was a pain in the ass. It took many attempts to get it somewhat on point (still not satisfied with it). Timing played a huge factor in this assignment, and so was making sure the camera …

  3. jhempe

    Having a conversation with Myself


    In this assignment,  we had to produce a video where we were talking to another form of us. We had too dress differently so it like two different people. This was the most frustrating assignment so far this semester. There was nothing easy about this the thought process and the …

  4. thelaceman

    The Start of it all


    Today I talk about the day my online life started. I considered that to be the first time I had interactions with other people online under a profile and the first time I did that was on an online gambling website called JetSet Poker. You can read my reminiscence here

  5. devangel426

    Play it Backwards!


    Original Assignment (2 Stars)

    This assignment was relatively easy as well, although I did have a little trouble using iMovie and it was more complex to use than I had anticipated. I captured my video clip from my iPhone and emailed the clip to myself so I could play around …

  6. aalmberg

    It all started when I typed hello….


    You know I am not too sure of my first time using the internet. I feel like this generation grew up learning and evolving with technology. I remember using my gameboy original not even color. I remember my family having a mac computer that had games on it. My mom …

  7. devangel426

    Vine it!


    Following suit of what I had stated for preparation for this assignment, I went ahead and started the Vine It! assignment that is worth 3 stars. It was a pretty fun and easy assignment, although Vine was a bit confusing to use at first because this is the first time …

  8. jlundberg

    Weekly Summary for Weeks 11 & 12!


    These past two weeks were the same as the previous weeks. I enjoyed the assignments, but not the road I had to take to figure out how to complete them.  I did learn some valuable lessons in the process though. For one, Sony Vegas Pro 11 does NOT work well …

  9. jhempe

    Space Jam 2 Trailer- (5 Stars)


    When I saw this assignment, I knew this is one of the ones I wanted to complete. I am a huge fan of movies and I love going to the movie theater with family and friends to see them. I also love watching the trailers beforehand, so when I …

  10. kbarnes2

    Don’t get mad, get DS106


    Don’t park on College Ave,

    Or they will be mad.

    The will fine you,

    and destroy you.

    $100 dollar fine,

    appeal and you’ll be fine?

    No, not on College Ave,

    kiss $100 goodbye.


  11. kbarnes2

    My Flag


    My Flag would have a heart with a cross in the middle, to represent where love comes from.…

  12. kbarnes2

    New York, New York, New York


    Sports team Pump up video: Choose your favorite sports team and make a video montage like you would see before a game.

    Finding a team to do a video montage on was the easy part. I have always been a baseball fan, and especially a Jeter fan, so it was …

  13. rjones6

    Then and Now


    For 4 stars, I did the assignment where are they now. The point is to pick a TV show or movie that you know of or loved when you were younger, and show photos or clips of them in the past, and in the present. I choose to do Boy …

  14. kminnick

    Looks Like It’s Vacation Time!


    First off, while completing this project, I think I figured out how to merge audio together so they play at the same time and that is so helpful while thinking about how to do the conversation with myself!!

    This was so much fun but a ton of work! The only …

  15. kminnick

    DIY (How To)


    My second video assignment! I chose to do the how to tutorial. I have been making dog toys since I was in middle school, and my dogs as well as everyone I give them to enjoys them so I figured why not use this for my assignment.  It is really …

  16. tmobaird

    8 Days A Week


    The next assignment I did this week was Movies by Numbers. The goal of this assignment is to represent a number using artistic representations and music that is related to the topic. Now to start off I needed to chose a number. The number I landed on was 8

  17. aalmberg

    Parking Tickets


    Im not sorry Did you read the sign? It says you need a special pass It says no parking It says no student parking Y you no read?…

  18. thelaceman

    A Shakespearean Ticket


    Today’s daily create was to write a parking ticket in the style of a poet, hopefully you all like the Shakespearean Ticket.

    I know you were late
    For an important date

    Your reservations
    To meet her expectations

    Hopefully this was worth it
    Because you’ll pay from pocket

    Giving tickets always …

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