1. kminnick

    Callie’s Trip to Nashville for the CMA Fest


    Callie and her family decided that for her 21st birthday, everyone would contribute to a trip for her to go to the CMA Fest in Downtown Nashville Tennessee. Being a small town girl, she loved country music and always dreamed of going to a CMA Fest and it just so …

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    Daily Creates


    Here are my 6 daily creates, I almost forgot to post them and link them to the summary because it wasn’t on the list. Talk about a blonde moment!

    Tinker bell and the Pirate Fairy

    Animal Architecture

    Do NOT touch

    DS106, Saving trees

    Day in Icons

    I also completed the …

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    Popcorn Vacation Experience


    This was really hard for me to get, but I tried my best and finished it. Here is the final remix.

    Finding the videos, sound, pictures, and maps to put in the video was fun and not too difficult, it was the editing and actually adding the things that …

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    New Assignments


    I created a Mashup Assignment, Making a Song, in which people will have to combine different lyrics from at least 5 songs in order to create a new song of their own being at least 2 minutes long. I got this idea when I was doing my music mashup

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    Guess this 10 second song


    Third assignment I chose was 10 second song mashup. I obviously chose it because of my love for music! This was tricky because I used 5 songs but only 2-3 second clips of each.I don’t want to tell you too much from the process because it might give away …

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    My Tutorial


    I decided to do a tutorial for an assignment I created earlier in the semester called Safe Havens. (sorry there is no picture for it, I was positive I added one!) To me a safe haven is anywhere you feel comfortable and at peace, for me it is with …

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    Music Mashing


    Second assignment choice, Music Mash!

    If you pay attention to my blog, you can tell my life revolves around music so why not chose a music mashup assignment! I am very proud of this assignment, because I managed to cohesively mash parts of 4 songs together and make my …

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    My last mashup assignment was called Twittr, it is basically mashing up two of your favorite websites and making a new one. I mashed up Facebook and Instagram to make Instabook the site where you can instantly share pictures, updates, locations, memories, facts about you, and it puts it …

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    The remix generator took the “Storytelling collage”  and the “Happy Days” assignments and mashed them up for me. So I did a Happy Days collage that includes pictures of the cast and the title.I got lucky because this remix is fairly easy, seeing as how individually the assignments were fairly …

  10. kminnick

    Weeks 11 & 12 All Video all the Time


    This week I learned a lot about video making. The main thing behind most videos is emotion, at least thats what all my assignents were based on this week. I learned about the program IMovie on my mac and got to know how to use it as well as learning …

  11. kminnick

    This is who I Am


    Here’s another amazing video assignment! One that lets you show all about you and who you are. I chose this one because people tend to judge a book by its cover, meaning people are very judgmental.  I have always been and will be a country girl, many people take …

  12. kminnick

    My Town (Memories)


    This is the best video assignment idea ever! Memories are forever and they make you stop and think, which is exactly what I want my video to do. My high school life was all fun and great with the awesome football games, the best football team, the best of friends, …

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    Looks Like It’s Vacation Time!


    First off, while completing this project, I think I figured out how to merge audio together so they play at the same time and that is so helpful while thinking about how to do the conversation with myself!!

    This was so much fun but a ton of work! The only …

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    DIY (How To)


    My second video assignment! I chose to do the how to tutorial. I have been making dog toys since I was in middle school, and my dogs as well as everyone I give them to enjoys them so I figured why not use this for my assignment.  It is really …

  15. kminnick

    It’s Show TIme (summary)


    Here’s to week 10!

    I was unable to find the radio shows in the archives and I couldn’t watch them live, so I am not sure how to do a post on them since I can’t find them, but I am working on it!

    As far as video editing, I …

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    Youtube Genre “Making Science Cool”



    I had to do add an example to this category! The other morning I didn’t have class and I was sitting at home with my mom and we were watching Rachael Ray, they had a science guy there and the science tricks he did for Halloween were AWESOME!! You …

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    Daily Creates


    First TDC was “Hung out to Dry” I used my computer to paint a picture

    Next I did a Halloween Walk and made the color orange my focus!

    Then I did 3D food anf took a picture of mu HUGE honey crisp apple and it was amazingly yummy!

    Last I …

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    I want to to the 5 star Create a Music Video Assignment. I know this will be a difficult one, but I am very big into music and I think it can say so much and I would love to try to make a music video of a song that …

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    Ready, Set, Action! 3 Time Analysis

    Camera: Close ups, Foreground/Background, Angle up and Down, Low light, Day light, Moving camera shots, a lot of view changes Sound: Sound effects, some people louder than others in the same scene, music, voices, loud music, soft music, announcer since it is a preview All together: cutting from scenes to…
  20. kminnick

    Is it really Week NINE?!


    Well this week I definitely waited until last minute SORRY!!

    Time flew by and I am back to PT for my shoulder to make it better and get rid of the pain hopefully! College is tricky with work and class and real life problems too, but it can be done!…

  21. kminnick

    Assignment by me!


    For my submitted visual assignment, it is called “Safe Havens”. I wanted to do something fairly simple (2 stars) that was personal. I personally love taking pictures and editing them so that is exactly what I asked for: A picture of your safe haven ( a place where you …

  22. kminnick

    Guess My Character – 4 Stars


    I decided to do this assignment again because I love using pinterest and because I love guessing games! Here is my board on pinterest, and even though I pretty much gave the character away because they are in the pins, there is still a possibility of 2 characters, which one …

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    Daily Creates Week 9


    30 Circle challenge: I created a picture and within it you will find 30 circles…Go ahead and Count!

    Make a Winter picture: Snow on Lake Anna which is always a pretty site (Even when it is photoshopped!)

    Light Picture: Create a light picture, well what better of a light picture …

  24. kminnick

    X-Ray Google Storytelling 3-star


    Here is the original webpage! 

    I decided to change the listing I found for a house for rent on Lake Landor (not even sure where this is in Fredericksburg, VA) and make a ridiculously cheap house for sale on Lake Anna. I changed key words in the description to associate …

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