1. kminnick

    Audio Assignments


    I chose a 2 star and a 3 star audio assignment to do. It was difficult because I have problems understanding and downloading the software that was suggested we use and so I played around with some other stuff. I couldn’t really think of a nursery rhyme or anything specific …

  2. kminnick

    Audio Only Storytelling


    In Part 1 of “Ira Glass on Storytelling” I learned that everything I learned about when it comes to storytelling in high school, isn’t really how it works. You do have to have a series of actions that sets up the action part of the story and what happens next …

  3. kminnick

    Week Number Three


    Storytelling, in its own sense is a bunch of words that someone puts down or can say off the top of their head to draw someone in and make them stop and listen or think about other things besides what’s going on in their own world. Storytelling is everywhere whether …

  4. kminnick

    Commenting and Participating


    I found most of the posts from out class this week to be interesting and helpful. If I wasn’t too sure about what we were supposed to do in the assignment I would browse the other blogs to just confirm what I thought was being asked of us. I realized …

  5. kminnick

    Emojis are very Inspiring


    For my appreciating DS106 from the past I found an awesome assignment done by Amy Clark. She took different emojis and took pictures of herself imitating those chosen emojis and not only did she do that, she did it in public with people watching her wondering what she was doing. …

  6. kminnick

    The shape of stories


    While watching this video of Kurt Vonnegut, I realized that this reminded me of something similar I learned a long time ago in either elementary or middle school about the story line. You have a flat line for the beginning (Exposition) that sets the stage and the characters then you …

  7. kminnick

    “Storytelling” in my own words…


    To me storytelling is a concept of thoughts and ideas that come together on and off paper, it is of made up stories as well as real-life evens and silly things to help kids go to sleep. My family tells all sorts of stories I’ve heard stories on things that …

  8. kminnick

    Week 2 Summary 9/7/14


    What a week, I feel overwhelmed and I hate to admit it but I am still not done with the weeks assignments but I am writing this post with all I have done in hopes I can come back and say I finished it all before midnight, but in the …

  9. kminnick

    Say it like the Peanut Butter GIF


    For my digital storytelling assignment I did a GIF of my all time favorite movie Finding Nemo.I have loved this movie ever since it came out and I still watch it all the time at work in the daycare. Honestly I never had heard of a GIF, I sometimes had …

  10. kminnick

    My First Week Summary


    My first week in this class has been interesting. I added the class on Wednesday because I was stalking the availability online hoping there was an open spot for me and finally there was so that was my first difficulty because I started off behind and got a little worried …

  11. kminnick

    Just Wanted to Share


    I am working on my introduction, but I just wanted to take a moment and share how excited I am to go to the season opener football game for my old high school tomorrow. We will officially, as a community, welcome back our old coach who took time off to …

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