1. jbelodeau

    Final Portfolio


    For my final portfolio I decided to work with my favorite assignments this semester, I chose to update my Twitter bot, my remix project, my glitch art and my screensaver. I wanted to work on these projects because I felt that I could really get creative with each of these …

  2. jbelodeau

    Creative Coding: Clock


    Working with the p5.js web editing software, I was able to create an analog clock that displayed the hour, minute and second of time. The inspiration behind my design came from my fathers wrist watch, it has a very minimalistic clock face and the only numbers visible are 12,3,6,9. I …

  3. jbelodeau



    For this project our class was tasked to create our own Twitter bot that is able to post at least once a day, as well as produce 100,000 different tweets. I decided that I would create a Twitter account that would tweet out things that Squidward hates. My original tweet …

  4. jbelodeau



    For this project our class was tasked to create a code that would write 50,000 words. I recently watched the film The Shining and I drew inspiration for my project from one of the scenes. During the film Jack Nicholson is working on a novel while he is living in …

  5. jbelodeau

    Creative Coding: Screensaver


    For this project our class was tasked to create an interesting looping screensaver using the program p5.js. I wanted to make my screensaver look like an explosion, and after much trial and error I finally created something that looked how I wanted it to. To create my final product, I …

  6. jbelodeau

    Project: Glitch Gallery


    This has been my favorite project so far. I really enjoyed creating my own glitch art, I found this whole project to be a lot of fun. I had trouble using the avidemux program on my computer, I downloaded at least five different versions of it including 2.5,2.5.4 and 2.7 …

  7. jbelodeau

    More Poetry Oh Noetry


    For our third project our class was tasked to create a code that produces lines of poetry. I had a very hard time completing this project, but after much trial and error I finally created something that worked. I decided that I wanted to create a two line poem because …

  8. @kayla_boyer2019

    Welcome To My Webpage !


    Hello Everyone! I’m Kayla, I am currently a Junior here at UMW and I am majoring in Computer Science. Once I graduate I hope to get a job with the FBI hopefully at Quantico as a IT Specialist or a Program Analyst. Feel free to look around at the work …

  9. @bballforever5

    Week 5 Summary


    This is my last weekly summary for DS106. The feeling is a little bittersweet because I was really enjoying participating in some of these assignments, but I am also glad that I don’t have to worry about completing any work for the rest of the summer. I really enjoyed this …

  10. @bballforever5

    Radio Ad Tutorial


    Audio Assignment: Fictional Radio Ad

    Stars: 4.5

    I created this assignment using Audacity.

    Step 1: After opening Audacity, click the record button at the top to start recording what you want to say in your commercial and then the stop button at the top to stop recording.

    Record Stop 

    Step …

  11. @bballforever5

    GIF Tutorial


    GIF assignment: Sports Heroes

    Stars: 3.5

    I created this GIF on giphy.com.

    Step 1: Copy and paste the URL from the video you want to use.

    Step 2: Move the sliders to choose where in the video you want your GIF to start and how long you want it …

  12. @bballforever5

    Poster Tutorial


    Visual Assignment: Sports Poster

    Stars: 2.5

    I created this poster on GIMP.

    Step 1: Open GIMP and then, at the top, click File -> Open and choose one of the pictures that isn’t your background.

    Step 2: At the top, click Layer -> Transparency -> Add Alpha Channel

    Step 3: …

  13. @bballforever5

    2017 World Series


    After winning the NL MVP and the Gold Glove Award in 2013, Pittsburgh Pirates fans have been waiting for Andrew Mccutchen to take them to the World Series for the first time since 1979.

    After a rough start to the 2017 MLB season finishing 42-47 at the all-star break, the …

  14. @viletroop_ds106

    Nestor Makhno


    Nestor Makhno was born a Ukrainian Peasant in 1888 in the Russian Empire. Through his life he held a series of menial jobs, primarily as a farmhand, that was, until the Russian Civil War erupted. He began organizing an army of peasants and workers and combated the Red Army of …

  15. @viletroop_ds106

    Union of Free Soviets


    As Makhno’s forces began to spread across Europe, regions with strong socialist influences began to join with the Free Soviets. This map demonstrates the regions under UFS control by the mid-1930s.

    After downloading the original map and loading it into GIMP, I took the Fuzzy select took and selected all …

  16. @viletroop_ds106

    Mother Anarchy



    After finding the clips, pictures, and music, I loaded them all into the kedenlive video editor. I began work on cutting the video to find various clips to use. I then added a few ‘title screens’ in between the various clips and images to narrate what was happening. As …

  17. @viletroop_ds106

    One Small Step



    There’s a meme floating around leftist circles, “Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism”, that is imposed onto any image dealing with space. A simple google search will reveal numerous images with this text, but those on the Anarchist wing of leftist politics, and other leftists who don’t necessarily embrace …

  18. @KwameCovino

    This is how we do


    This is my breakdown of how to create the things that I created! ENJOY!

    1.  Making the motivational poster

    Step one: Upload image

    Step 2

    Edit With Scratch filter

    Step 3  Insert text box

    Step 4 Transition color to red

    Step 5 Final Product

    2. Sportscenter clip

    Step one: Insert …

  19. @leniwstory

    Week 5 Summary


    So, our last week of class was all about the final project. I thought it was the perfect way to tie together all that we’d learned, and I knew right off that I wanted to create something a little silly. I was inspired by the new Spiderman movie to create …

  20. @leniwstory

    Tutorials, Sweet Tutorials



    The first step in creating my comic book cover was to give it some comic book-worthy title text. I did this by going to a comic book text generator online, customizing just how I wanted my title to look. After I had that saved, …

  21. @leniwstory

    Manspider #1


    A child browses the comic book store, searching for entertainment in this cruel place we call “the world”. In a bargain bin, they come across a strange title, outlined in a bold red. The book tells the story of a small arachnid. After biting a scrawny teenager, the arachnid gains …

  22. @KwameCovino

    Kyrie Kyrie Kyrie


    Kyrie Irving is a great player. There’s no denying that. I think the situation he has gone through with LeBron is a little TMZesque. It’s unfortunate that two great players can’t get through tough times like these. I really respected these two because they stayed in the Eastern Conference, at …

  23. @saragdigitellsit

    In and Out of Tune


    I can hear the floor boards above me creaking, dust floats down in and out of the golden streams of sunlight beaming through cracks in the rotting wooden ceiling. Someone has pulled the door open and is walking down the stairs. I can’t help but feel a tinge of hope, …

UMW Summer 17 – Second Session – Jen Polack