1. @simplytelling

    – week four reflection –


    You know, despite the minimal amount of assignments this week…it was definitely a bit of a struggle to complete in a timely manner. Regardless of the struggle, it’s definitely awesome to be in my element of creating and editing videos. In terms of completing the assignments to the best of …

  2. @kayla_boyer2019

    weekly summary #5


    These past five weeks have flown by, I’ve enjoyed each week and I’ve enjoyed each assignment that I have done. I learned the most about audio and video. I have never worked with video or audio so learning how to create a audio clip with audacity was very fun. I …

  3. @kayla_boyer2019

    Tutorial to Sound Effect Story


    In order to create the Sound Effect Story Assignment for my Final Project I used freesound.org and Audacity and soundcloud.

    The first step is to go to freesound.org and download all of the sounds you wish to use in your story.

    The 2nd step is to open Audacity and import …

  4. @kayla_boyer2019

    Tutorial for Billboard


    For the Billboard assignment of my final project I used a app called LiveCollage on my iphone and then sent the final picture to myself via email.

    The 1st step is to selected collage to make and edit your photo.

    The 2nd step is to add an image to your …

  5. @kayla_boyer2019

    tutorial for event advertisement


    For the event advertisement I did it similar to how I did the billboard assignment. I also used LiveCollage for this one and followed the same steps as before.

    The first step was to click collage and add the background photo that I was going to be using.

    The next …

  6. @kayla_boyer2019

    tutorial for Music Playlist


    For the music playlist of my final assignment I used Soundlcoud.com

    The first step was to search the song you are looking to add to your playlist.

    the next step was to click the more option on the song and click add to playlist.

    The last step was to create …

  7. @kayla_boyer2019

    Tutorial for T-Shirt Design


    For the T-shirt design in my final assignment I used customink.com

    The first step is to select the type of product you want to design.

    The 2nd step is to add the text you want to add to the shirt, and decide the size and color of the text you …

  8. @kayla_boyer2019

    The Grinch That Stole Christmas


    Once upon a time in a town known as Who-ville home to all of the who’s, everyone was celebrating the most important holiday of the year, Christmas! On the top of Mount Crumpit lived a different kind of who, who wasn’t a who at all. The Grinch lived on the …

  9. @bballforever5

    Pittsburgh Art


    This is my third daily create of the week. This assignment was pretty straight forward and not too hard. We had to use this website to create an abstract picture of anything we wanted. I just had to add the picture and the website did the rest. I added a …

  10. @littlelamb0216

    Where Do My Shoes Take Me?


    Process: I took a slightly different approach when putting this video together and there were some big pros and cons which I will go into later. I wasn’t a huge fan of iMovie so I decided to take advantage of the awesome features my new Samsung Galaxy s8 has. I …

  11. @leniwstory

    60 Second Day


    My days are pretty peaceful; the one I’ve filmed for this assignment is no exception. I chose to do the ’60 Second Day’ assignment because I like watching vlogs sometimes, and I thought it would be fun to try my hand at my own vlog-type video. Compressing everything down into …

  12. @bballforever5

    Where’s Tina?


    This is my second daily create of the week. Today we had to add a picture of Talking Tina to a Where’s Waldo picture. I was always a fan of Where’s Waldo, so I really enjoyed participating in today’s daily create. Let me know if you are able to find …

  13. @leniwstory

    Look, Listen, Analyze


    The clip I chose to analyze for this blog post was from the film The Thing. I wanted to take a look at this clip because I’ve seen this movie before, and knew I wouldn’t get distracted from analyzing the scene by trying to figure out what was actually …

  14. @kayla_boyer2019

    Weekly Summary #4


    This week was a bit over whelming at first because I am currently in Tennessee so I was stressing out about when I was going to put the time aside to do the assignments. I planned what I was going to do before I came down here so that helped …

  15. jbelodeau

    Reading Movies


    I am a huge film fanatic and watching movies is one of my favorite things to do with my free time. After I read Roger Ebert’s How to read a movie, watching movies won’t be the same for me. I never really thought about how small details like the …

  16. @littlelamb0216

    College Snapshot


    Process: I used iMovie to make this short clip for the College Snapshot Assignment. I went to My Media and clicked through my photo albums. For the pictures I wanted to include in the clip, I clicked and dragged to the bottom of the screen. I clicked on the end …

UMW Summer 17 – Second Session – Jen Polack

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