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DS106 Introduction for GMU Students and Open Participants

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Welcome to the world of digital storytelling. For students in the Instructional Design and Technology (IDT) Program at George Mason University (GMU), this is going to likely be a very different experience from the rest of your programs.

Very different. If you feel dis-oriented, then you are right on track. Stay with us.

Students in EDIT 572: Digital Audio/Video Design and Applications will get my primary attention for the next seven weeks. I am teaching this class with a focus on the method storytelling, and how that plays out on the web.

The class you are taking is modified from previous iterations of a digital storytelling class called DS106 I and others have taught for 4 years. What makes it unique is that we do our work on an open web site, and invite people not in the class, to optionally follow, participate, and be part of the experience. They do not get credit, or as much direct feedback from me, but in many ways they act as extra sources of help, inspiration. This is a new approach to learning.

Why run a class like this? We have found that the connected space of the open web provides exactly the kind of place that Steven L Johnson describes in Where Good Ideas Come From as “a space where ideas can mingle, and swap, and create new forms”. In this RSA Animate video based on his talk, Johnson frames how this is the kind of ecosystem where innovation can be found

Below is information worth reviewing before class starts March 18, 2014 so you can be ready for this experience. Each section opens up to reveal more, kind of like how good stories work.

How the Course Works
The Nature of this Course
Getting Ready
How To Get Help


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