1. acruz12

    Lucky Number Sleven…


    I’m not talking about the movie, but rather the merger of weeks 6 & 7 that seem to have gotten the best of me in a good and less-then-good way.  I didn’t underestimate the time it would take to edit a movie, I had done so years back with …

  2. acruz12

    Simba’s Dream


    For this assignment, we went brought back the Foley assignment for a 2nd round, taking the clips that the class created and pulling it into the Chaplin video as an exercise of our video editing skills.  Additionally, we took time to create introduction, layer on a new soundtrack, and …

  3. cew5x

    The good, the bad, the weeks 6 and 7 summary…


    This week was about finally getting (just a little) bit more used to Audacity, appreciating Movie Maker’s simplicity and then wishing it had more editing power when it came to audio (or that I knew more about audio editing in Movie Maker) and making peace with “good enough”.  First though, …

  4. cew5x

    One Man’s Trash…


    Rather than dig for one last idea for a story, I decided to look at other classmates stories this week.  I love seeing what my classmates come up with the little window it opens into our lives.  I think there are some good things here–even if the original poster wasn’t …

  5. cew5x

    Chaplin Foley Re-Boot (or just boot?)


    I saw the movie the Life of Pi not too long ago, and this Chaplin clip reminded me of the movie in that both characters are stuck in a confined space with a dangerous predator.  I only made it 1/3 of the way through the book when it came out …

  6. cew5x

    Look, Listen, Analyze- Casino


    All this talk of film editing made me think of Martin Scorcese and his long-time partnership with film editor Thelma Schoonmaker.  I would venture to say that Scorcese is a master director and storyteller, so chances are Schoonmaker isn’t a bad film editor either.   One of my favorite Scorcese films …

  7. cew5x

    Does a Tyrannosaurus Rex ever feel insecure? Reading movies


    On the surface, I agree with Roger Ebert’s idea of a film’s composition.  It is my sense that we as humans have a natural tendency for symmetry and balance.  We may not notice when something “works” but we probably do when it doesn’t.  It was difficult for me to think …

  8. cew5x

    Week 5 Summary


    My main takeaway this week: working with sound is not as difficult as I thought, but still the most challenging I have found of the differing editing tasks we have done in this course.  I do feel completely at ease in recording, exporting, importing, and loading to SoundCloud, but …

  9. cew5x

    Week 5 comment round up (belated)


    I think I may have found my final project story this week, based upon comments alone.  The comments on my Public Health story idea seemed to coalesce around the idea of a public health super hero-type character- I really appreciated the different layers the commenters added to my original thoughts.…

  10. cew5x

    All you can take Cactus- Audio Assignment 942


    Trolling Craigslist is always fun, so the first audio assignment listed on Week 5′s page immediately jumped out at me.  Off I went to the local Craiglist “free” section and found this lovely post:

    Sounds strange enough to me!!  Why anyone would want to take on such an awful job …

  11. cew5x

    A story that is good for your health?


    I was thinking if there were any work-related things I could pull into for a story idea this week.  I work with a lot of people in the field of public health.  You may be asking yourself “What is public health?”  Sounds kind of crunchy and idealistic, huh?  Well it …

  12. cew5x

    The most exciting moment of my dog’s day- sound effect story


    Oy. Audio editing really scares me.  Which is probably (definitely) a large part of why all these assignments are late this week.  But I digress.

    For the sound effects story, I started to think of what I needed:  a scenario that didn’t need dialogue and a scenario that was “noisy” …

  13. cew5x

    Decisions, Decisions…


    Well here we are another week…and no white light, divine inspiration moments this week (so far- there are five hours left!).   Something that has been on my mind a lot this week though is decisions.  I’m making a lot of them lately and whether it’s where to grab dinner (always …

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