1. kriscorpus

    Bowties & Skulls Love Red Pandas!

    My girlfriend and I got our first glimpse at these cute creatures at the National Zoo. This day also happen to be on the same day that Rusty freed himself from his enclosure. We witnessed him just chill on one of the highest branches in his enclosure, paying nobody else any attention, but little did […]
  2. amcandre

    Final Summary

    Week 1   http://amcandre.com/daily-creates/introduction/     http://amcandre.com/visual-assignments/visual-assignment-putting-disney-into-focus/ http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/putting-disney-into-focus/   http://amcandre.com/visual-assignments/visual-assignment-make-up-your-pet/ http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/makeup-your-pet/   http://amcandre.com/daily-creates/daily-create-501-take-a-picture-that-expresses-good-times/     http://amcandre.com/visual-assignments/twilight-zone-the-invaders-animated-gif-assignment/   http://amcandre.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/twilight-zone.wmv   http://amcandre.com/visual-assignments/visual-assignments-where-did-my-soda-go/ http://assignments.ds106.us/add-directly/?aid=46224 http://amcandre.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/asseenontv.wmv http://amcandre.com/daily-creates/daily-create-500/ http://amcandre.com/visual-assignments/visual-assignments-a-z-photo-collage/ http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/a-z-photo-collage/   http://amcandre.com/visual-assignments/visual-assignment-cat-breading/ http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/cat-breading/   http://amcandre.com/visual-assignments/visual-assignments-adapt-an-artists-work/   http://amcandre.com/visual-assignments/visual-assignments-color-splash/ http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/splash-the-color/ http://amcandre.com/design-assignments/design-assignment-minimalist-book-cover/ http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/minimalist-book-covers/   http://amcandre.com/design-assignments/design-assignments-design-an-invoice/ http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/design-an-invoice/ http://amcandre.com/design-assignments/design-assignment-1-story-4-icons/ http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/one-story-four-icons/ … Continue reading 
  3. DS106

    Weekly Summary 5

    Final Stuff You can find a link to all the inspiration I submitted here. And a link to my audio reflection here.  Assignments Lipsynch to your favorite song. 3 stars Where do you want to go? 3 Stars Show off 5 Stars Total: 11 Stars of Video Mashup Created my own assignment ** 3 stars […]
  4. DS106

    Show Off

      I did the show off assignment to showcase my work. I thought that it was appropriate for this stage of the game. I was reviewing all of my work, and I decided that it would be cool to have some of my favorite stuff in video form. I used imovie to create the video […]
  5. DS106

    Then I did my own Assignment

    I did the mashup assignment that I created for 3 stars. I used Katy Chase’s assignment to upload a bunch of movie clips and mesh them together. I liked her idea, but I also thought it would be fun to do one with music. I thought this was a cool idea because sometimes on the […]
  6. kriscorpus

    Final Week Summary

    My final thoughts: I go through my general thoughts in my audio self-reflection so I shall go more in depth about certain things I’ve experienced in DS106. At first, I was skeptical of what was to for come in this online course, being that it is the first online class I’ve taken. This was all […]
  7. kriscorpus

    Audio Self-Reflection Tutorial

    There is quite the amount of preparation for this assignment.  You want to really reflective on this assignment, especially when in terms of talking about the course as a whole. Go back and start from the first post of your blog and work all the your up to your most recent post. Notice any growth […]
  8. kriscorpus

    Return To The Silent Film Era Tutorial

    Downloading the audio and video from Youtube: 1. Choose a movie that you absolutely love. Find the trailer on Youtube. 2. You will be using keepvid.com for a lot of the ripping of the audio and video from Youtube. Copy and paste the URL of the Youtube video to the keepvid page. There is a […]
  9. Jessica Ledford

    Week 5 Summary

    Week 5 Summary Mashup Assignments (5 Stars) Movie Trailer Mashup MashupAssignments125 Blog YouTube Stars 4   A Changing Character MashupAssignments1041 Blog YouTube Stars 4 http://youtu.be/fMwMY_luZHQ Okay, I don’t know why this embed wont work but it worked for my blog..^^ Total Stars: 8   Today’s Daily Create (2) tdc527 Flickr Blog   Tdc528 Flickr Blog […]
  10. Jessica Ledford

    ds106ers work that has Inspired Me

     ds106ers work that has Inspired Me Check out what other work has inspired other ds106ers 1. About Me By: Charlotte   Inspire Post Flickr Why does it inspire me? This work inspired me because this one picture is filled with talent. It inspired me to continue the things that I love to do and continue doing […]
  11. kriscorpus

    Random Object Pirate Ship

    I decided to add another challenge into the assignment bank using the world of Minecraft. DS106 is all about creating so I thought Minecraft would be perfect. I started doing this assignment myself yesterday and finished it today. Instructions: Enter Minecraft world. Create a random object that doubles as a pirate ship and record a […]

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