1. andrewthomas

    Fun facts about this Twilight Zone episode!


    I am going to tell you guys three intresting facts about the epsidoe of the Twilight Zone episode called “Nightmare at 20,000 feet”. Watch that epsidoe for your self below!

    1. There have been a huge number of parodies and reference to this episode in many other TV shows and …

  2. andrewthomas

    View one scene three times


    Twilight Zone: Nightmare at 20,000 Feet. I am going to analysis a scene in this episode for you guys.

    The scene I am reviewing starts at start 4:35 and ends at 11:00. I will be reviewing this scene in 3 different ways. Lets start off with the camera work. To …

  3. Kelli Wisbauer

    Daily Create 520


    For this Dailycreate assignment I was to take a photo that is out of focus. I chose to do this, because it is my moms garden, with a beautiful bridge that my grandfather built with a pebble “creek” the fact that this is out of focus, I think actually draws …

  4. kriscorpus

    Exploring Nightmare At 20,000 Feet Even More


    Any fan of cinema should find it interesting to delve further into the behind the scene work of any visual production or any art form for that matter. Sometimes you will come across something that makes you appreciate the work even more. Let’s talk about some background things happening with …

  5. kriscorpus

    Look, Listen, Analyze


    We have entered the video portion of this ds106 journey and one of my beginning tasks is to analyze a scene from one of the assigned episodes of The Twilight Zone. In this case, the episode in discussion is “Nightmare At 20,000 Feet.”  I must watch this scene in three …

  6. Jessica Ledford



    Today’s tdc was a lot of fun! This was my first Youtube video that I uploaded!

    tdc519: Make a video of you doing The Macarena, but replace the audio with a radically different song.

    It really funny! I used the song “I want Candy” by Aaron Carter!

    You should …

  7. Alopex

    Weekly Summary 3


    Wow what a busy busy week! All of the audio! It felt like it was never going to end. My favorite part was definitely the recording and editing of the radio show. I nailed the bumpers really good and Kris, Kara, and I did a real smooth job on the …

  8. Sean Placchetti

    Week 3 Summary


    Group Radio Show

    It was fairly difficult to get in touch with my group, I found it a little bit like chasing down work just so I could get my name on the paper. I think, from looking at their write-ups, that they see it a little differently. They got …

  9. Alopex

    Talky Tina vs. The Monster


    Ok, Yeah this may not be worth the full 4.5 Stars in terms of product. The many hours it took me to find a way to record this, that was troublesome and I think makes up the difference.  Once I recorded the ending of “A Good Life” and clips from …

  10. Turn 2

    Dialogue Mashup (Twilight Zone)

    Dialogue Mashup

    Difficulty= 4.5 Stars

    Dialogue mashup

    As demonstrated by the Movies Mashup episode of the radio show The Truth, take two different movies and extract the dialogues scenes of actors form each, then re-edit them to create a story as if the characters from different movies were in the …

  11. Rita Art

    Smoking No No


    Three of my favorite shows are “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” “Arrested Development,” and “Scrubs.”  The jokes are different but they all share the same sense of humor.  Sometimes I think how great it would be if they could all share a show together.  Who would enjoy JD’s fantasy worlds …

  12. Rita Art

    Toys and Dolls


    Every kid loves playing with toys and while growing up we all had our favorites.  As a grown up, sometimes I look back at the toys I used to play with.  Some of them bring back fun feelings and I still think they’re cool.  Others bring back a completely different …

  13. Turn 2

    Kenny Chesney Mashup

    Music Mashup

    Difficulty= 3.5 Stars

    For this assignment, I used audacity to make a mashup of 3 of Kenny Chesney’s more popular songs.  I was able to do some more editing to make it sound as if a DJ were playing the tracks.  Audacity wouldn’t let me use the Itunes …

  14. Turn 2

    In a World… (Part 2 Re-edit)

    Use The Voice

    Difficulty= 2 Stars

    **Re-edited to have some epic music in the background. The new music really gives it that movie trailer feeling.**

    Don LaFontaine was legendary for hos deep voiceover intros to movie trailers (“In a world…”). Make a recording that uses his style that describes something …

  15. Rita Art

    ds106 zone LoDown


    It was great to hear so many tips on the Scottlo podcast.  This week we had guest speakers on Scottlo’s podcast.  Rochelle & Amber guest hosted the podcast.  Both gave a very informative podcast on sounds effects.  One of the greatest points they made that hit home to me was …

  16. happyfuntimeblues

    Weekly Summary #3


    Radio Show Reflection:

    This week was by far the busiest of them all. It was difficult to divide tasks between group members and pick a clear direction. I think our strong points definitely came whenever to discuss our ideas. It was hard to write something after I hadn’t for so …

  17. kriscorpus

    Week 3 Recap


    Audio focused week!

    Audio Assignments–

    911, What’s You Emergency? (Twilight Zone related)- I was noticing all around the ds106spere that people were doing this fake 911 call assignment so I thought I would take a crack at it. I have yet to receive feedback on it but in general my …

UMW Summer 2013 (Jim Groom)

The Summer 2013 class at University of Mary Washington taught by Jim Groom. There is a certain Twilight Zone feel to this class.

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