1. DS106

    Weekly Summary 4: Part 2




    Daily Creates

    Golden Hour


    Favorite Cartoon on Ds106: Confused Minnie


    High School Memories

    Difficulty: 4 stars

    Dear 16 Year Old Me

    Difficulty: 4 Stars

    Survival Video

    Difficulty: 4 Stars

    I am ME

    Difficulty: 4.5 Stars

    Total Stars: 15.5


    I had a really good time doing …

  2. Turn 2

    The name’s Bond, James Bond.

    Return To The Silent Era- Bond, James Bond.

    Difficulty= 5 stars

    The dawn of cinema had no audio; silent movies created an atmosphere with music and the use of cue cards. Take a 3-5 minute trailer of a modern movie and render it in the form os the silent era- …

  3. amcandre

    Daily Create: 525


    This is my daily create for today! The assignment was to take a photo of a personal object in an unusual location.



    This is a picture of my favorite pin. It’s a troll with orange hair. I have had him for many years, therefore he means a lot …

  4. DS106

    Survival Video


    I did the Survival Video Assignment as a letter to my mom about how to survive a trip to Africa. I went abroad to Tanzania, so this was pretty easy for me to come up with. I used iMovie and I added music from the ever so popular (and fantastic) …

  5. amcandre

    Video Assignments: Serenity Now! – 3 stars


    In one of the episodes of the last season os Seinfeld, one of the main characters is advised to repeat “serenity now” as a mantra to ease his high blood pressure. Rather than repeat the phrase in a calm and controlled manner in a way that might help, Frank Costanza …

  6. andrewthomas

    A cooking show for all


    So I decided to show you guys how to cook my favorite breakfast meal, Toad in the Hole.  It is a egg and toast based meal. Here is the video below!

    So what do you guys think? The video is a little longer than all my others, but the meal …

  7. Alopex

    Thursday Summary and Pending Assignments


    Well I learned the hard way already that you have to check your work before you publish. I uploaded a mashup that didn’t have what I wanted in it. I’ve got the hang of video editing, it’s just a few more details to pay attention to. Though I will say …

  8. Alopex

    About Night Call


    Well this one is going to be short because there isn’t much out there on “Night Call.”  plays Gladys Cooper, plays Elva Keene and Nora Marlowe plays Margaret Phillips. It is based on an old urban legend about a woman who dies apparently because her dead husband calls from …

  9. Claire

    The Golden Hour


    Today’s dailycreate was to take a picture during the golden hour aka the first hour past sunrise or sunset.  This picture was taken as the sun was rising on Rehoboth beach! 

  10. amcandre

    Review 3: Put it all together


    It seems like anytime that the actress was talking, that the thunder was quiet. Once the thunder started again, the phone immediately rang. When the woman seemed more worried, it seemed like the camera zoomed closer or more intimately on her face and facial reactions. I’m assuming by getting a …

  11. amcandre

    Review 2: Analyze the Audio track


    Lightning crashes, indicating a bad thunderstorm. The phone rings twice. Someone picks up the phone and says hello. Thunder crashes in the background. There is no one on the line. Static. Woman hangs up. Thunder crashes again. Immediately, the phone rings again. You can hear her pick up. She says …

  12. andrewthomas

    A sunset and me


    So today’s daily create was to take a picture of the sunset or sunrise. I choose the sunset because I was awake for that. Here is mine.

    I had some problems making this photo. First off, it was a very cloudy day today. That means it was hard to see …

  13. andrewthomas

    Random word attack!


    So I decided to make a short video that shows random words. In the spirit of using truly random words that I didn’t pick, I used a random word generator. Find the generator here. The point of this video is to show the viewer some random words. The words …

  14. Kelli Wisbauer

    What is YOUR opinion?


    For this assignment (http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/whats-your-opinion-on/) I had to think of a question to ask a bunch of people, and find out their opinion. The question I decided to ask was “What is your opinion on the saying: “everyone needs to go to college”?”

    I loved doing this assignment. The thing that …

  15. Kelli Wisbauer

    The Basement


    For this assignment (http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/make-a-scene-from-a-horror-film/) I was to create a horror scene. I made a script in preperation (http://kelliwisbauer.com/assignments/making-a-scene-from-a-horror-film-preperation/). For this, my mom played the “Mom” and I played the child, Kelli. My sister Katie taped this video. It was kind of hard to do, but I think we finally got …

  16. amcandre

    Video Assignment Ideas


    I was thinking about doing the video assignment “Advertisement Galore”.

    For this assignment, take different clips of people in movies using something and make an advertisement out of it! Be as creative as possible!


    It seems like it would be a fun assignment to do, incorporating video with text. …

  17. kchase27

    Mean Girlz

    What Are the Genres of YouTube?

    When I think of youtube I think of a few specific genres:

    Music Videos How-to Videos Vlogs Cats, kittens, puppies, babies Illegal movie clips Make-up tutorials Sports Highlights Remix/Parody

    Obviously there are more genres than that but these are what come to mind. I …

  18. kchase27

    A lil’ bit of pre-production

    Return to the Silent Era

    I intend to use the trailer for Mean Girls as the basis for this assignment because it is so modern that I think I could learn a lot by changing it to look more antiquated.

    I plan on using Glen Miller’s “In the Mood” as …

  19. Jessica Ledford

    Look, Listen, and Analyze


    Analyzing the Camera Work:

    To analyze the camera work, just simply turn off the volume and watch what the camera does. Observe its every move. Take notes on the visual aspects of the clip. Look for camera angles, cuts, how many times the camera switches view, the quality of light. …

  20. kchase27

    A Tribute to Beige Bras

    Daily Create 521

    Create an epic poem about the most mundane article of clothing you own.

    Beige bras

    They tend to get dingy

    The longer you wear them

    The looser they get


    I think I should swap it

    but they are so comfy

    I think, no not just yet!…

  21. kchase27

    Cicadas: Not as Sweet as We Thought

    What’s Your Opinion On…

    Onions? Love? Politics? Ke$ha? Have you ever had people just randomly ask you what your opinion on things are? Be it pop culture or something historical, we are always wondering what people think about something specific. For this assignment, pick something that you are curious about …

  22. Reverend

    ds106zone Week 4: Intro to Video


    Today I recorded an hour long ds106.tv broadcast framing and introducing week 4 of the ds106zone. This week is dedicated to reading an episode of Twilight Zone closely and working through 15 stars of video assignments. You can see the post outlining this week’s assignments here (much of which is …

UMW Summer 2013 (Jim Groom)

The Summer 2013 class at University of Mary Washington taught by Jim Groom. There is a certain Twilight Zone feel to this class.

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