1. kchase27

    Audio Self-Reflection Final Exam

    Audio Self-Reflection

    Why are you here? What brought you to DS106? Why did you stay?

    This was super easy to put together, which I think is a testament to how much I have learned in this class. I recorded the audio clip in GarageBand and used a song from my …

  2. kchase27

    Step Right Up!

    The Contest That Nobody Could Win (Video-Mashup Edition)

    Create a mash up of 6 video clips (either TV or Movie) no longer than 2 seconds each. See if anyone can guess your favorite films!

    I downloaded all of the clips using Keepvid.com into MPEG Streamclip and cut them down into …

  3. kchase27

    Emus don’t lie…

    Animal Dance Off

    Find any song and mash up a video of some animals dancing.  Try to get the animals to move to the beat.

    I found this emu video back in high school and I thought it was HILARIOUS! I don’t know why I picked Hips Don’t Lie but …

  4. kchase27

    Map ‘N Me

    Music Mapped Videos

    Pick a song that has geographic references (or heck, make up the references), and create a Google Map that has the locations along with media for each pin in the map. Mash it up with the audio or video of the song into a new video- making …

  5. kchase27

    Crochet City

    30 Second Documentary

    Make a short, 30-second documentary, the topic is up to you. Some good ideas include:

    *How to make something
    *What someone’s job is like
    *What it’s like trying something new
    *Show yourself doing something you are terrible at
    *Show yourself doing something you are AMAZING at

    No …

  6. kchase27

    Dear 16 Year Old Me!

    Dear Sixteen year old, me

    This could really be a video or audio. But write a letter to your 16 year old self. Talk about anything you want. (I.E: Don’t cut your hair, you will look crazy. Or, don’t stress out about college, you will get it!) Just talk about …

  7. kchase27

    #meangirls #ruuude

    Return to the Silent Era

    The dawn of cinema had no audio; silent movies created an atmosphere with music and the use of cue cards. Take a 3-5 minute trailer of a modern movie and render it in the form of the silent era- convert to black and white, add …

  8. kchase27

    Boa Vinda A Brasil!

    It’s Vacation Time

    What was your favorite vacation? Don’t you wish you could relive it over and over? How about you share your favorite vacation with us through pictures,video and music. Create a video, sharing with us where you went!

    This was a pretty straightforward assignment! I created this video …

  9. kchase27

    Week 4 Summary: Part 1

    Look, Listen, Analyze

    I thoroughly enjoyed this exercise. Freshman year I took a film studies class for fun and it was exciting to see how much I could remember from that class!

    I enjoyed looking at the first scene of Night Call. I made sure to analyze the scene before …

  10. kchase27

    Exploring Night Call

    Fast Facts: Night Call is the only Twilight Zone episode that qualifies as a true ghost story. Night call was supposed to air on Friday, November 22, 1963. However, President John F. Kennedy died only hours before so it was rescheduled for February 7, 1964. The original title…
  11. kchase27

    Night Call: A Review

    Look, Listen, Analyze

    Now we want to apply some of criteria to the Twilight Zone episodes you have been asked to watch so far.  You will be asked to analyze a scene from any of the episodes by watching it three times in different ways.

    For this exercise I used …

  12. kchase27

    Mean Girlz

    What Are the Genres of YouTube?

    When I think of youtube I think of a few specific genres:

    Music Videos How-to Videos Vlogs Cats, kittens, puppies, babies Illegal movie clips Make-up tutorials Sports Highlights Remix/Parody

    Obviously there are more genres than that but these are what come to mind. I …

  13. kchase27

    A lil’ bit of pre-production

    Return to the Silent Era

    I intend to use the trailer for Mean Girls as the basis for this assignment because it is so modern that I think I could learn a lot by changing it to look more antiquated.

    I plan on using Glen Miller’s “In the Mood” as …

  14. kchase27

    A Tribute to Beige Bras

    Daily Create 521

    Create an epic poem about the most mundane article of clothing you own.

    Beige bras

    They tend to get dingy

    The longer you wear them

    The looser they get


    I think I should swap it

    but they are so comfy

    I think, no not just yet!…

  15. kchase27

    Cicadas: Not as Sweet as We Thought

    What’s Your Opinion On…

    Onions? Love? Politics? Ke$ha? Have you ever had people just randomly ask you what your opinion on things are? Be it pop culture or something historical, we are always wondering what people think about something specific. For this assignment, pick something that you are curious about …

  16. kchase27

    Weekly Summary #3

    Thoughts & Ideas Scottlo Cast:

    Here are my reviews for this week!

    Radio Show

    This was a great experience! I enjoyed meeting some of my classmates in real life! I created an in depth review of the radio show on this blog post, I don’t know why all of …

  17. kchase27

    Week 3 Reflections

    Week 3 Reflections

    Episode 15: I was so inspired by your featured Drive-by that I did one myself!! I also loved the Jim Groom/ Scottlo banter always amusing. I am certainly interested in doing one of the radio shows featuring my classmates work, who knows!

    Episode 16: I say this …

  18. kchase27

    Radio Show Wrap-up

    Create a Radio Show scottlo said! It’ll be fun, he said!


    It actually was pretty fun! I thought I had no idea how to use Audacity but it turns out I’m pretty useful. So that’s a thing!

    We began by communication through the GoogleDoc. As the * group member …

  19. kchase27

    Abandoned Wanderer

    Daily Create 518

    Write a love poem from one character to another from different Twilight Zone Episodes

    I’ve searched for months and found you there

    Sitting in your rocking chair

    First human I have seen in weeks

    Distressed, lovely, tear-stained cheeks

    An abandoned wanderer all alone

    Looks into your eyes …

  20. kchase27

    Watch out it’s a drive by!!

    Scott Lo The Driveby Show Interactive Audio Contribution

    Scott is asking you, the ds106radio community listener, for short, potentially interactive .mp3 audio files that he can incorporate into his broadcast. He’s looking for fun and original items and elements that will serve to engage both himself and his listeners in …

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