1. Alopex

    Relaxing Royskopp


    Here’s a  two Star mashup assignment which turned out to be an old favorite of mine. It’s a nice track paring to sit back and relax to. Since I used YouTube Doubler for this one all I can do is give you the link. If you like the rain sound, …

  2. kriscorpus

    Growing Up With Will Smith


    If you have been following the career of Will Smith, then you know the tremendous growth of acting chops throughout his career. I started watching him in his more childish comedic roles like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and to his more serious roles like in Seven Pounds. Now, we …

  3. Jessica Ledford

    Smitten for Winniefred

    Connected Clips

    VideoAssignments1025 Take related clips from your favorite show and make a video out of them! {for example: if you love Grey’s Anatomy, put together clips of the cast saying “seriously”!}

    For this assignment I was obsessed with Winnie the Pooh and I just had to create a clip …

  4. Kelli Wisbauer

    A conversation with myself


    So for this assignment  (That I actually made up myself) I was to have a conversation with myself! Now, This seems easier than done! I had to do a lot of editing in pinnacle movie maker! I had to first shoot my first conversation, then I changed clothes and shot …

  5. kshavala

    Final Project


    I really enjoyed learning most of the programs for DS106.  I will definitely be making some GIFs in my future.  Here is the self reflection part of my final project.

    Difficulty: 3 stars…

  6. Alopex

    Week 4 Summary Found!


    Well I found this hiding in my drafts. To be honest I never double check if it was published because I was in such a hurry. I went to post one of my assignments tonight and found that this was a draft that was never published. I dunno what happened, …

  7. Jessica Ledford

    My Ideal Morning


    Tdc528: Show your most ideal morning routine via a photo essay (collage or series)

    This is honestly my ideal morning! Sleeping in, laying in bed till as late as possible. Walking down stairs and pancakes, eggs, and bacon are ready to be ate be me. A nice cold glass of …

  8. Jessica Ledford

    Where is Waldo?


    RemixAssignments, Remix23, RemixedAssignments695

    Remix Card: “Where’s Waldo? It.”For this remix assignment, you want to place Waldo somewhere conspicuous in a Visual or Design Assignment or slip his name quickly into an audio assignment. If you can figure out a way to make this work for Video, God Bless You.

    ***Note: …

  9. andrewthomas

    3 things that inspired me


    Over the  last few week I have see a few pieces of my fellow classmate’s work that has inspired me. As part of my final project for DS106, I need to post such example to the DS106 inspire website. Check out 3 examples of such below.

    1. Check out …

  10. Reverend

    ds106zone Week 5: My Only Friend the End


    Well, as you might have guessed from the last week ds106zone comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. The course officially ends this Friday so we’ll be having a somewhat abbreviated week in terms of both time and work.

    I will be sharing more extensive resources …

  11. Turn 2

    Stephen A. Smith Miracle Speech

    Watching Movies With The Stereo On

    Difficulty= 4 stars

    Like when you have a movie playing on TV without the sound and you’ve got the stereo on at the same time. Take a clip from a movie, remove the audio, and add audio from a song or radio show that, …

  12. Turn 2

    Crush Davis

    Sports Mashup

    Difficulty= 3.5 stars

    Submit a video mashup of what you think are some of the greatest sports plays ever. What is the story it tells? This needs to be more than just a montage of clips, find a way to make it present a theme, an arc of …

  13. DS106

    Dear 16 year old me


    I did the dear 16 year old me assignment. I wrote a script and then I added a picture of myself at my sweet sixteen birthday party. I used imovie to make the video and then uploaded to youtube. This was my first time doing that, so I was pretty …

  14. amcandre

    Video Assignments- Y.O.L.O Is The Motto!- 2.5 stars


    For a lot of people, Y.O.L.O (You Only Live Once) is a term used prior to, after, or while doing something morally unacceptable or idiotic. For this video assignment, just like charades, try to explain what this word means to you through storytelling, by using pictures or videos and not …

  15. amcandre

    Video Assignments: Product Evolution- 2 stars


    Things are’t what they use to be. For this assignment pick a product, a piece of technology works best but you can use anything, and create a short video timeline of how it looked way back all the way to how it looks today. Be sure to add dates.


UMW Summer 2013 (Jim Groom)

The Summer 2013 class at University of Mary Washington taught by Jim Groom. There is a certain Twilight Zone feel to this class.

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