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So this week one of our final assignments was to post 3 things that inspired us in the DS106 zone to:

Here are the three works I chose:

1. Jim Groom’s “Don’t Wait Until the End of the World to Read” I’m not trying to be a teacher’s pet here….so much of Jim’s work really did inspire me this semester.  I am an English major, so I love reading of course, and also I just thought this was a great assignment!

2. This was a submission for the the assignment “Adapt an Artist’s Work” and the assignment was to adapt or change the message of the original work:  I liked this because it was really creative and also it was a remix.  It inspired me for my remix assignments and I liked that the artist included a tutorial!

3. I had to choose this final one because it was the inspiration for one of the assignments I actually did the “Animated Movie Poster”  although I never really figured my own assignment out I thought it was a great assignment and this work inspired me to work harder on my own! Even though I never figured it out I spent a lot of time on this, kudos to this guy who did it right:  Such a good poster! I wish I had mad skills like that!

There was so much more work in the DS106 Zone that inspired me and I was amazed at everyone’s work over the course of the semester.  Good job everyone I know we all learned a lot and have come a long way since week 1! Thank you to everyone who inspired me and taught me throught their work :)

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