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Return To The Silent Film Era Tutorial

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Downloading the audio and video from Youtube:

1. Choose a movie that you absolutely love. Find the trailer on Youtube.
2. You will be using for a lot of the ripping of the audio and video from Youtube. Copy and paste the URL of the Youtube video to the keepvid page. There is a box with a download tab.
3. After pasting the URL, press the download tab.
4. Java will ask permission to run. Press “run this time.” Another box will open, check the I accept box and press run again.
5. A new page will open up and ask the type of format you want to download.
6. Click on the format and the file will be in your downloads folder.

For searching Youtube for good audio, I typed “silent film music” and used keepvid to download just the mp3 of that particular video.

Once you have video and audio for your assignment then it’s time to open Window Live Media Player. I know this tutorial has its limitation. Sorry for all the Mac users but this tutorial isn’t for you.


1. You can drag and drop both your audio and video files inside WMP window for editing.
2. Cut off all audio from the video. In the video tool tab, there is a video volume icon, click it and a bar will show up, put the indicator all the way to the left of that bar like in the picture below.
3. Put a Sepia video effect on the video, or one of the black and white video effects work as well. I am partial to Sepia.
4. There will be times where you have to use cards that tell a little about the story since audio dialogue wasn’t possible in the silent film era. Use this or something similar:

Add splits where necessary in the video and drag the picture file between the split you made and add a caption layering on top of that image.You want the entire feel of a silent film movie so you need the a font that was popular back then. This blog is your guide to downloading that font you will be using.

5. Things should be coming together seamlessly, and everything during editing should be smooth. It’s usually all the pre production stuff that gets me. Once you have put all the cards you need in the video. I suggest putting a medium or fast fade out in the audio.

Exporting to Youtube:

The greatest thing about Windows Live Media Player is the feature to upload straight to your Youtube account. You can do so by pressing the Youtube icon on the home tab.

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