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Final Week Summary

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My final thoughts:

I go through my general thoughts in my audio self-reflection so I shall go more in depth about certain things I’ve experienced in DS106. At first, I was skeptical of what was to for come in this online course, being that it is the first online class I’ve taken. This was all intensified by the great job that Professor Jim Groom did to scare students of the work load in the days prior to the class starting and even a little bit into the first days. He was able to weed out the weak so the strong could prosper.

You get hit with a haymaker from the first bell, week one was brutal but best will be achieved if you a persistent. That was the case for me when week two hit and I came out throwing punches in bunches. From there I was able to hone on my creative ability and by the end of it all, my creativity became organic.

It is sad that the course is coming to an end and I still want to keep creating, but as they say DS106 is 4LIFE!

Daily Create:



5 Second Film


Your Favorite Teams Mashup

Growing Up With assignment

Created assignment #3:

Random Object Pirate Ship


Silent Film assignment

Audio Self-Reflection assignment


Fat Cats Make Art Better [Remixed]: Subtle Switheroo

Final: Self- Reflection assignment:

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