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Audio Self-Reflection Tutorial

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There is quite the amount of preparation for this assignment.  You want to really reflective on this assignment, especially when in terms of talking about the course as a whole. Go back and start from the first post of your blog and work all the your up to your most recent post. Notice any growth or things that stuck out to you in a bad or good way. Everything up to this point be well documented or at least embedded in your memory. Write down some key points that you will be talking about as sort of a script guideline. You are talking about yourself and something your were totally were engulfed in, you don’t need a word for word script. Make it natural. Once you self-reflected enough. It’s time to record.

Step 1. Record

Step 2. Transfer files for conversion/editing

*If you use a Samsung Galaxy phone and if you are too lazy to plug your phone into anything then you’re like me and would rather transfer wireless. This site might be helpful to you. This site will convert the .3ga that Samsung Galaxy phone saves your audio files as and make it so you can download a mp3 version.

Step 3. Open up audacity for editing.

Step 4. Download a song from jamendo and layer the song track with your audio recording. Make sure the levels for the song track are not overpowering your voice.

Step 5. Export to your preferred location on your computer. Make sure you also save it as a .aup file. You don’t know if you might have to edit again because you found an error  after exporting. The .aup will make editing that error much easier.

Step 6. Upload to soundcloud.


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