60 years of space travel




    Earlier this year Nasa released a trove of Mp3 audio from the Apollo and Challenger missions. Also the first American in space Alan Shepard made the maiden voyage to the outer atmosphere May 5, 1961. Also dominating the news these days is the mythical Elon Musk, whose space …

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    Digital Nomads



    Image taken from the blog “A Little a Drift”

    Today I will be writing about a subject near and dear to my heart, working from the road.  The article featured is written by a blogger by the name A Little a Drift. The premise of the article isn’t …

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    Built for life


    Podcasting isn’t a new phenomena, however, I feel for most of my generation or any generations it is still a novelty. I know most would argue “A novelty its just radio for the internet.” This may ring true for a hand full of podcast but for most it is simply …

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    Combat Action STICK


    This assignment is to try and market a common stick you would find on the ground outside.

    My first step would be to come up with a marketing plan to sell stick to boys in the 8-12 age group. The campaign would include “The Stick Combat Kit” it would come …

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    Outside The Box


    For this article. I choose to do not an article but a slideshow from the national geographic Traveler Magazine. What I liked about this slide show was how much skill it must have taken to get some of these images, not to mention the untold dollars spent on airfare, gear …

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    Digital Media Outside


    This week’s article is basicly a review of a few electronic outdoor devices, such as cameras and GPS units How? you ask does this pertain to digital media. Well if you are just going on the electronics outlined in the article then as a designer or programer a day might …

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    Time to make a decision


    As Microsoft rolls out plans to add new features to is personal assistant program “Cortana,” I ask myself; How am I going to be able to balance privacy and convenience. According to PC MAGAZINE, Cortana will scan emails and remind you about commitments. This in itself sounds great. On any …

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    And its here…Too soon I think


    Well this final project has been a doozy. My intent has been to build a portfolio site for my work done in the course of my school work and extra curricular activities. This will be a continually improving project I am hoping to be updating it at least once a …

  9. kochnick

    Final Summary


    I’m going to keep this short and simple, because most of the work was done in the video below. Basically what I did was take everything we did this semester and throw it all into on large summary video. Here are some links to ALL of my weekly summaries, so …

  10. kochnick

    DC and Assignment Contributions


    Daily Creates:

    If you click on the above photos, you will see that both of these Daily Create’s are ones that i submitted to the community.


    DS106 Assignments:

    Both of these assignments are also from me. I’m not entirely sure why the photos didn’t show up that I submitted. …

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    the begining of the end


    This weeks marks the beginning of the final project. For this project I have chosen to build a proper portfolio site. This week however I have been working on finishing up a few other projects in order to feature them on my portfolio site. Here are a few screen shots …

  12. jmcmahan46

    My final DS106 Project


    For my final DS106 project, I documented my experience with DS106 and the assignements. I remixed, recyled and created some new things for this final piece of my DS106 experience. I included the photographs, music, voice, short movies and sound effects into one short film. I hope you enjoy it.…

  13. jmcmahan46

    #tdc1415 When pigs fly


    Today’s daily create is to draw a flying pig.  Since I submitted the idea for todays daily create, It was important to participate. I like the razor back hogs so that’s why I gave this pig a wild look.  The rocket was inspired by the Dorito’s commecial and the Wile …

  14. jmcmahan46

    Your Very Own Face



    This is a writing assignment that I submitted to the ds106 assignment bank.  A part of the submission is to do the assignment that you post. So here goes. 

    My eyes are hazel, kind of like the color of a deep pond.  The skin around them is a bit …

  15. jmcmahan46

    Week 13 Summary


    This week has been a week of ideas and a little production. Along with that someone has made changes to the wordpress site.

    This short video is a small pat of my final project.  The intent of my final project is to share my experience with DS106.

    I have also …

  16. jmcmahan46

    Final Nightmare


    For the final nightmare,  My thought is to tell A little about my experience with DS106.  This is my story board to start the project with it will be a short pasty not video.  I gave found some music to go with it.  I don’t yet know where to go …

  17. jmcmahan46

    Daily Create Submissions.



    First of all, I didn’t draw that picture, I got it from pinterest.  I did however draw the tree house. So  far this week I have made two suggestions for daily create but nothing has happened yet.  They are still in the in-box I hope.

    Both of them are …

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    review 11-15-15


    This week was how we say EHH!?!. I was not a fan. It seems to me that in reality this course is full of mashups, whether you want to call em that or not. I can think of only a hand full of times I have been asked to create …

  19. kochnick

    Week 12 Summary


    Week 12, over already! Can you believe it? School is sooooooooooo close to being done with already! Anyways, here is waht we did this week:

    Daily Creates-

    First daily create: Link

    Second daily create: Link

    Then, we remixed some assignments. Check them out here:

    Remix 1 Remix 2

    And lastly, …

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    To bad he isn’t british


    My second project took a little more time and I do feel this one is worth 4 stars unlike the last project. here is my movie poster mash up. I hope it is effective. I tried to stray away from the examples used which mostly but not all simply clipped …

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    That doesn’t belong there


    This week is mash-up week, and we are off. I would like to state for the record that the world of the internet we live in today is full of intellectual theft. As a photographer any time I give some one the right of use for any of my pictures …

  22. kochnick

    Comments for Kids


    This week, I chose to comment on Haydens work right here in the USA. If you want to see my comment, click here.

    Here is the link to the DS106 assignment: Link.

    I think this assignment is really cool and gives us the opportunity to really brand out and explore …

  23. jmcmahan46

    Week 12 Summary


    Week 12 is finished.  It wasn’t a bad week and he workload was manageable.  Bear with me for a few minutes and you will understand the Darth Vader picture.  The focus of this week was remixing.

    To start with I did two daily creates, in the first on I created …

  24. jmcmahan46

    Comments for kids.


    In this weeks assignment instruction there was a task to comment on the blogs of 3-5 kids.  I commented on three of them .  Two of the kids were from the US while one was from Australia.

    Since we just celebrated Veteran’s Day in the US, the US kids had …

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