1. jmcmahan46

    Bumper Sticker


    This is my design for a bumper sticker.  It promotes our radio show. The snake is the symbol for millennium. The text is self explanatory.  I didn’t want to add too much to it.  Since bumper stickers should not be a novel. I did this project by using Microsoft publisher. …

  2. jmcmahan46

    Radio Show bumper


    This is my radio show bumper for the return to radio.  I add my character to it in order to integrate him into the show.

    The return to radio week is a little challenging, mostly because it has so many different parts and involves multiple people.  So far our group …

  3. jmcmahan46

    Radio Show Poster


    This is my radio show poster for the DS106 radio show. I created it in windows publisher.  The purpose of our show is to countdown the best and worst horror films since 2000.  I borrowed the movie posters from the movies that made the list as either best or worst, …

  4. jmcmahan46

    #tdc1366 Go on a hunt for pareidolia


    I went on a hunt for a pareidolia.  This looks like two angry eyebrows over two little eyes.  I took this picture on my deck today.  I wasn’t sure I would find anything today, so I’m pretty happy with this.

  5. The Front Page

    The one that started it all


    The first Alien movie, a movie near and dear to my heart. It is probably one of the earliest movies I can remember. Although it was a little before my time I can still remember the trailer for it “In space no one can hear you scream”

    The sets on …

  6. The Front Page



    Here is my design blitz I this time with much less blitz. Here are my four demonstrations from the list of ten design fundimentals listed

    color typography metaphors/symbols minimalism & use of space form/function/message balance rhythm proportion dominance

    the first is color and also rhythm




  7. The Front Page

    Meeting on the Field of Battle


    This whole layer tennis match began with the question. Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or a horse sized duck? Layer tennis is a game played by two or more people. The first person finds and image or creates a graphic and sends it to the next person, …

  8. The Front Page

    It all comes togather


    Once again seeing as this is design week. I went ahead and built an entire web site centered around design. When creating this website, I gave a few considerations. The first being; does the site match the personality of the person I built it for. They guy is a tattoo …

  9. The Front Page

    The design of information


    This assignment Was one of my own creation. I decided seeing as this weeks focus was on design I made an info-graphic. Hoping to appeal to my generations “NERDS” my info graphic was a combination of The Avengers and Mixing adult drinks. While the design seems simple the reality is, …

  10. The Front Page

    The Communist Manifesto of Design


    For this assignment, I was to read the book the Vignelli Cannon. It seemed to be a good book It offered some fundamental’s of design. The book also seemed to be a communist manifest for design.  Yes! pun intend, By this I mean Vignelli seemed to rail against any design …

  11. The Front Page

    Daily creates for the week of 10-4-2015


    This weeks daily creates, In my opinion were some of the best so far. I think that some of the daily creates took a little more effort than 10 or 15 minutes. However I didn’t think that was a bad thing. For my first daily create the assignment was to …

  12. kochnick

    Week 6 Summary!


    Got er done at the last minute! Talk about a crazy week, both with school work and personal life. Wheew! Let’s get down to business and see how this week went.

    1. Read and Reflect on The Vignelli Canon: To get more of an insight about this, read my blog …

  13. kochnick



    For this assignment, we were to write a poem by hand post it online! You can see the details here. To be honest, the poem is one of Bo Burnham. One of my favorite comedians.

  14. kochnick

    Film Analysis; FilmDesign


    So for this assignment, we were supposed to watch a movie and do what the instructions said. Frankly, all of those movies looked very boring. So I’m gonna do the same assignment, but I am going to talk about Gran Torino. (Because it’s my absolute favorite movie of all time.)…

  15. kochnick



    Complete a DesignBlitz. To be fair, nature is a design. And most of the time it’s a beautiful design. So that’s why one of my photos is of a tree. I will explain more when I get there.

    Minimalism: This photo, to me, represents that.. In a weird sort of …

  16. kochnick

    Love At First Shot


    They were young. And at first, they had no idea what they were in for. They met on her front porch, a long time before they started dating. He taught her guitar lessons, as she secretly crushed on him across the room as he taught her lessons. Then one day, …

  17. jmcmahan46



    Week VI is finished. The very first part of this weeks assignment is to reflect on copyright as it relates to online works. This turns out to be a pretty complex topic.  The complexities arise out of differing opinions values and policies.  While reflecting on copyright I did a little …

  18. jmcmahan46

    The Vignelli Canon


    After going spending some time in The Vignelli Canon, I would have to say that the section that left the greatest impression on me was the section about responsibility. This section has reinforced something that I have always believed in and occasionally have strayed from in projects. The method is …

  19. jmcmahan46

    Love at first shot


     This day I will remember forever.  We met on the playground, our parents were talking about work and cars.  Since they were busy we found our first kiss. This kiss I will remember forever, I will never forget.  It will rest on my heart forever. When your parents move for …

  20. jmcmahan46



    The designblitz assignment asked us to take photo’s of various things to illustrate :

    color typography metaphors/symbols minimalism & use of space form/function/message balance rhythm proportion dominance

    This first photo represents  and emphasizes color. . The blue background, the blue type, the word blue and the blue rhino all represent …

  21. jmcmahan46

    Watch Some Films


     Last night I watched Alien for the movie review assignment.  In preparing for the show, I made myself a Moscow Mule and popped a bag of popcorn.  This was a 1979 movie so to begin with we need to step back to 1979 in order to take a look at …

  22. jmcmahan46

    Daylight saving time


    Fall is here. Just as the leaves fall from the tree, it is now time to fall back an hour.

    This was not too hard to create.  I took a picture of a leaf in my back yard.

  23. kochnick

    Animated Movie Posters


    The assignment was to take a movie poster and animate it. You can find the description of the assignment here.

    Take a look at the photo that I did:

    Remeber: Don’t Let Go.

    Star Value: 4.5

  24. kochnick

    What The Font?


    The assignment was to take typographical font and bring them to life. You can find the assignment details here.

    Here is the photo that I created for this assignment.

    Star Value: 4.0

  25. kochnick

    The Vignelli Canon


    Pragmatics, discipline, ambiguity; these are just some of the things that Vignelli talks about in this short booklet. To be quite honest, I didn’t take away from it as much as I thought I would, but there were a lot of really good points he talked about. I’ll share a …

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