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Reject Fashion’s Stranglehold

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Do not wear jeans that you hate

Do not be fooled into conforming to fashion’s dictate

Resist the urge to dress in ways

That don’t allow your true self to be itself

Dress solely for comfort pleasure and joy

Not least because a soul in torment

Apparelled in garb that discomfits

Is one that is more attention seeking

Than a being in quiet enjoyment of the textures

Next to their skin.

Avoid the overtight waistband

And the shoes that rub

Don’t suffer for the proof

Of adherence to some other persons decree

Who has no hips, no waist no breasts

No humanity

And whilst they live by fashions grisly sword

Will never be free just to be



©Poemic 2010 All rights reserved, no publication of this text permitted in any form without express written permission of the author



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