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The Wonder of Weather

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Struggling through this dreadful weather I can’t help thinking it’s actually one of the loveliest of things to observe, if not necessarily to participate in.  I walked through Leicester last night in the freezing cold and dark and it was snowing, but I have never seen snow like it. It was like the flakes of snow that are in snow globes, silver flecks that filled the air with incandescent beauty. Floating shimmering snow that owed more to unworldy provenance than mere weather condition.  Sadly I wasn’t able to capture it – it defied my iPhone camera and remained reluctant to be shared and yet I knew I wasn’t the only one who saw it, I just wonder whether the other chilly pedestrians also wanted to stop and marvel at it until it stopped.

And this morning, this ethereal shower has gilded the streets and fields again, but with a mysterious snow that belongs to another place not here. A brilliant sun in Nottingham, overcast on the train journey and blinding sun in Leicester. I couldn’t help but try and capture its beauty on my phone video camera. Let’s see if it worked.

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