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So earlier tonight I made my slideshow on photo peach…finished in about 30 minutes and then i tried to download it. Well considering I know nothing about the internet, I thought that was the right thing to do…it wasn’t. So it told me I couldn’t download my video with my music so I moved on. For TWO HOURS I surfed other websites trying to make this slideshow using some of the other 50 options. I’m pretty sure I’ve signed up for roughly 15 websites tonight before I decided to go to back to photo peach and try a few more times. Well as I’ve now learned…you don’t hit download you hit the magically appearing buttons that don’t usually show up until you scroll over them and EMBED a video.

Soooooo two hours after I started and made this video I think I’ve finally EMBEDed it into my blog correctly (except it’s too big). But right now, the size will have to do because my brain is too tired to try and do the math to make it stay in scale and be smaller.

Hopefully you guys like my slideshow!! It’s of my best friend Liz who I’ve known since we were in second grade. The only pictures are of us from facebook though so there’s not from when we were little (only middle school which is embarrassing enough).

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