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My Problem With ds106 Radio (Sorry Jim)

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For the past week, it seems like 90% of the tweets in the #ds106 feed are about ds106 radio. It seems that everyone who is tweeting regularly is in love with the radio station. I, too, like it and think it is an awesome, unprecedented (for me) addition to a class. I scoff at my previous class blogs. I looked at Jim and Alan‘s take on it and I agree that ds106 radio really is a bag of gold for some people.

However, I don’t really have time for a bag of gold. I’ve found that ds106 radio really doesn’t work for me as it seems to for everyone else. I think (and I’d love for other UMW students to weigh in) that ds106 radio is a much better creation for non-students. During the average weekday, I rarely sit somewhere for an extended period of time and listen to something, music or otherwise. I’m either at class, work, drinking or somewhere in between with no access to ds106. When I do have an hour or more to listen to music, I’m usually studying or reading. And at those times, experimental mashups, 80s synth rock, pseudo-slam poetry and edtech discussion aren’t exactly what I’m looking for. ds106 radio is a crazy, all-over-the-place, free-form experiment, which is really cool. It’s just hard to work in a day where you don’t have a job at a desk, or an hour commute and an iPod Phone.

I’m sitting in Starbucks in DC listening, and it’s great. I have nothing to do (except blog and increase my heart rate) and I’m enjoying it. I never understand anything on ds106 radio or where it could possible come from. Who the hell is Ken Nordine and why is he talking about Lavender in so sensual a way? I’m into it though. It’s more interesting than this Starbucks post-hippie neo-folk recycled-paper music. Gregg Allman has a new album out (he’s no angel).

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So, I’m staying with it. I’m embracing it. Actually a song of mine just came up. Literally, as I type. That’s must be a sign from on high. Musta been Jim. But seriously, get into this guy.

I will stay with the radio as long as I have to. I used to hate coffee and now I’ve had three cups today. So like coffee, ds106 radio must be an acquired taste.

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