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Zombies and Other Things

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Now that I’ve given myself a few days to relax and gotten through my mid terms largely intact I’m going to do an entry on my radio group’s five minute clip.
Our clip, as you heard in class last Thursday, is about zombies. I would like to point out that our entire show is not about zombies, but instead we are using zombies as kind of a back drop to a more… ordinary (?) talk radio show.* The reason we went for the zombie interviews first was because of all the segment ideas we came up with, the zombie interviews would be the quickest and easiest to do. Initially we wanted the zombie aspect of our show to be more surprising, but since you’ve all heard it, we’re going to embrace the “campy” aspect of zombies and just go for it.**
Ds106 velociraptorsvarietyshow by cydwarning30
The format for the zombie interviews, by the way, will be I ask a question and then a bunch of people answer that question, hence why Prof. Groom’s answers/stories just seem to come from nowhere. Right now we have over 10 minutes of zombie interviews and then over the break everyone will be doing other non-zombie interviews and when we get back we’ll be putting together probably the most complicated segment. After that it will all be mashed together into one crazy show that is not entirely about zombies.

*I say ordinary, but if someone from my group can come up with a better adjective, that would be good. Because our show isn’t really that ordinary to be honest. We just have some less insane segments in it.
**I keep imagining our show as this strange combination of “This American Life,” “Monty Python’s Flying Circus,” and the epilogue of Shaun of the Dead. Also, there’s nothing wrong with camp or being campy. At least with camp you don’t have to take what you’re doing too seriously and can laugh when your teacher talks about his manshed. Because that shits just funny.

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