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Happy Hour Special Radio Show

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Here’s the final half hour of Happy Hour Special. We’ve decided to continue with the Happy Hour Special for the rest of the semester as our final project, me and AztecHandGrenade that is. We’ll be doing a couple more 10 minute episondes, bumpers, bumperstickers, Tshirts and other art and possible video if we can.

Dr. Gessman with Nash and Cheeky in the Happy Hour Studio

Hosted by Nash Dongwell and Cheeky Hudson, Happy Hour Special is a interview style radio show known the interwebs over. In the episode below, Nash and Cheeky host three guest in the studio. Dr. Drexel Pocketlove is a musician and rock music consultant, Terrence Gethman is a billionaire playboy and Dr. Perry Gessman is an substitute professor or archeology at George Mason University. Listen to it here:


Coming up on the show we have Gary Chardonnay, a gay clubber, Darron Brokowski, server at Fattie J’s, Gastón Bethmón of Bistro Bethmón, and possibly Chester Chamberlain, a retired Yankees baseball bat from the late 70s.

Making this show is a challenge. Yesterday Conor and I sat in front of Audacity from 5 till 12:30. I lost part of my soul back there staring at those damn blue lines for that long. The recording part is awesome. We just spitball for a little while, write some notes, and then go for it. Unfortunately that means a lot to edit out. Still worth it though.

A big thanks to Garrett Bethmann. Garrett is another of our roomates and provides the voices for everyone on the show other than Nash and Cheeky. Everyone. That’s Drexel, Terrence, Perry, Gastón, Gary Chardonnay and Darron Brokowski. That’s alot of voices. He’s good.

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