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FP #1

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I’m wearing the red polka dot ribbon on my head. The girl on my left is my RA and the other girl lives on the first floor in Ball Hall.

Like I mentioned in my final project post, my plan was to ask people open-ended questions without them feeling like they are being interviewed, so I started with a simple question.

My first question was: “What do you love or hate doing the most?” but somehow this question digressed into “What do you like or hate in general?”

So the girl on my right said she was born in Korea, came to the U.S. when she was about 12, and now she’s studying Biology at our school. She also said she looooves to cook and she is very into Arts and Crafts which kind of made me wonder why she’s studying Biology because she said she doesn’t really enjoy studying it that much…..but anyways, on the other hand, she mentioned some things that she doesn’t really like and this one sounded kind of interesting: she said she gets really annoyed when people make noises while they’re eating. It is really interesting to see how people feel/think about certain stuff…

The other girl who is my RA, she said she likes serenading people, squishy/fluffy things, and talking about poop. The things she dislikes the most are some unsolvable problems like snoring (wink wink hint hint), valley girl accent, and she also included “people who don’t laugh at her jokes.”

I think this project can really be a good opportunity to just get to know people and even to find out more of their interests in life. I knew that we all are different and we all have different interests in life but I’ve never really had a chance to see the different point of views. (if that makes any sense. :-0) Anyways, I won’t be in every picture but there are more coming!

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