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Radio Show

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I’ve forgotten at this point if we were supposed to blog about our radio shows that aired over the weekend, but just in case, here’s a short recap of how our show went. ¬†My group (Kaitlin, Catherine, and myself) were the Famous Angstas group. ¬†Our radio show consisted of fake diary entries of famous people from the past as well as fictional characters. ¬†We had a great time doing our radio show; however, it took FOREVER! ¬†I don’t think I’ve ever spent so much time doing one project! ¬†I think the reason it took us so long was because we wrote each of the diary entries before we recorded them. ¬†We were really detail oriented which is what took us so long, but I think it really benefitted us in the end. ¬†We also had a guest star, our friend Patrick, came and helped us voice three of our famous voices (GW Bush, Luke Skywalker, and Napoleon). ¬†After we finally finished recording everything, we made commercials and then had to add music as well. ¬†Finally, we had to put everything in order because it was in the crazy order that we recorded in. ¬†I think we probably could have gone about it in a more organized way, but hey we got it done right?!

I may be cocky right now, but our show was pretty damn awesome! ¬†As much time as it took, it was totally worth it! ¬†Visit Kaitlin’s blog if you missed our on listening to our show and want to hear it!

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