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Web-Based Romanticism

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Point of fact: I’m a big soppy romantic. I may come across as a satirical female dog, but in my heart of hearts I’m as romantic as they come.* Another point of fact: I’m not particularly good with visuals. So with our web-based story I’m going to play to my strengths and edit the craig’s list page and more specifically I’m going to “write” a big soppy romantic story about missed connections using craig’s list.** It’s not particularly fancy and not particularly original, but in my opinion when something not original is done really, really well it can still be great. And my goal is by focusing on a simple design with a simple story I’ll hopefully be able to create something really great. Or at least very good. :Says something baiting and semi-pointless:
Anywho, that’s my web-based story. I have a rough outline in my head based on years of making up little romantic stories in my head and watching way too many rom-coms, but the exacts aren’t there and probably won’t exist until I sit down and start doing it. That’s generally how I work, save for my radio show but that’s special. I have nothing else to say…

*I blame Disney, fairytales, and the Beatles. Also, quick thanks to Prof. Groom for giving us so much time on this assignment, though for those people who are actually doing complicated stuff they are probably slightly less grateful.
**Does anyone know if that name is actually capitalized (eg Craig’s List)? I’m going with lower case, but I’m really not sure. Suggestions would be helpful (and prove if anyone reads these.)

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