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So after reading the articles by Melanie McBride and Brian Lamb, I was a little confused as to what exactly each was saying.  Lamb’s article made a lot more sense to me because he seemed to be explaining what remixes and mashups were and where they can be found.  McBride’s article made a lot less sense to me.  She talked more about the internet in schools, how teachers and students use the internet and what is allow or what is not.  I didn’t really understand what McBride’s article had to do with remixes.

Anyway, considering I have very little knowledge about technology stuff, I didn’t really know anything about remixes or mashups before I read these articles.  If someone were to say the word mashup to me, the first thing that pops into my head is music, specifically Girl Talk.  Girl Talk is a dj to does remixes and mashups to create an album that plays as one continuous mashed up song…and it’s awesome!  If you’ve never heard any of his stuff, go download his latest album (it’s free)!  The other mashups I know of are also music.  My friends used to love finding mashups on the internet; however, these were usually only two songs together, rather than Girl Talk’s which is tons of songs!

Lamb’s article really opened my eyes to where mashups can be seen in other places besides music.  I specifically liked the housing maps programs that he linked.  I thought those websites were super clever, but I also never realized that those websites were considered mashups.  It makes me think of the website (my mind is blanking as to what it’s called) where you can look up on a map where sexual offenders are in your area.  I wonder now if that website is a mashup between a sexual offenders registry and a google maps type program!  These two articles both made me realize how oblivious I was to an entire mashup culture…who knew it didn’t just include music!

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